Monday, August 18, 2014

14 Months

Olive Kate is 14.5 months old
and she's turning into quite the little character.

I want to always remember the following things about this age:

1. She is my shadow and wants to go everywhere I go.  I hear this is something I did to my mom when I was a baby.
2. Olive imitates everything we do - uses kleenexes, tries to put on shoes, wants to write with pens, tries to help make dinner, wants to fold the laundry with us, climbs stairs, likes to wear necklaces and likes to steal drinks out of our cups.
3. She's trying hard to talk - the other day she came up to my feet and said "tickle, tickle, tickle" as she ticked my toes.  I was in shock because I do this to her and I guess she was taking close notes.
4. She loves to interact with people.  She starts out shy, smiles coyly and then won't stop talking when we are out and about.  She says HI, hello, bye, waves, smiles and attracts a crowd wherever we go.  Little kids, older people, babies and parents are all interesting to her.
5. Cheese is her main squeeze.  She would eat a diet of 100% milk, cheese and yogurt if possible.  Shredded cheddar seems to be her favorite but melty cheese is a close second.  She also loves Cheerios, pretzel sticks, cucumbers, green beans and all bread.
6. Olive has mastered the fake sneeze - she does a very dramatic ah ah CHOO followed by a big smile.
7. She's a cat lover and squeals with delight when she finds them down at her level.  Oliver will let her pet him, feel his whiskers and touch his pink nose.  Topher lets her get close but bolts after one touch.
8. She's starting to remember things - I taught her how to sniff cantaloupes to find the best ones at the grocery store.  She thinks it's hilarious and it's a funny little routine we have.  Kevin was helping with grocery shopping and he put a cantaloupe in the cart.  Much to my surprise, Olive started sniffing and then laughed.  She remembered our fruity routine!
9. Olive pretends everything is a phone and says hello with the phone like objects against her ear.
10. She pays attention to everything - we find her cups in cup holders, her shoes in a pile of our shoes, she recognizes the sound of the baby gate coming down from a mile away and comes running.
11. I have to watch what goes into the trash can closely because she's often caught trying to help out by throwing everything away!  I've fished out kitchen utensils, magnets, stuffed animals and toys.
12. Olive enjoys playing in our backyard.  She loves running through the grass, feeling the plants, picking one flower for herself and playing with toys outside.  We have to put a thick coat of mosquito repellant on her otherwise she's devoured by mosquitoes in seconds.

My favorite pictures of Olive @ 14 months:



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