Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday!!

My week has been crazy busy!!!
I'm back in town so here are the highlights :)

1. We got 3 sneak peek pictures back from Olive's one year photo shoot photographer and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!  We decided to take them in our neighborhood right along the river.  I wanted to document where she spent her first year of live especially since we are moving next month.  I can't wait to get the rest of the pictures.  I also cannot pick a favorite and know that I'm going to have the hardest time choosing which ones to frame.

2. Olive and I went on our first mommy-daughter road trip this week!!  I never got lost, took a wrong turn and we both enjoyed ourselves during the 10 hours in the car.  I became quite the pro at handing toys, snacks, sippy cups and dj-ing silly song cds for her.  We drove down to Mississippi to meet my parents and get some work done on our new house.  We made several pit stops that included honking the horn, sitting up front and other silly things in the car.

 3. We got to try out several local restaurants while we were in Mississippi and The Beagle Bagel was my favorite.  Yummy bagels, sandwiches and sugar cookies!  And it's right around the corner from my house.  I'm a sucker for state shaped things and these cookies were equal parts delicious and adorable.  I'll definitely be going back here.

 4. My parents spent their whole week helping me prep our new house to get it move in ready.  Let's call this PHASE 1 of the move in process.  We had a big to do list for the week - painting bedrooms, cleaning the whole house, tree trimming, moving into the kitchen, carpet cleaning, caulking woodwork, cleaning light fixtures, dusting, errands, and on and on.  My parents were quite the team and we got SO MUCH done.  Olive was very "helpful" and wanted to be into everything.  We had lots of toys and we rotated who was on Olive duty.  My mom also made a lovely wreath for my front door.  I helped shop for the items but she was the mastermind behind the wreath.
 My front door look so welcoming!!

5. We got to meet a few of my new neighbors and they were as sweet as sweet tea!  They excitedly welcomed us to the neighborhood, answered our questions, loved meeting Olive, gave us their contact information {just in case we'd need it} and then brought us over a "welcome to the neighborhood" bundt cake + cutlery and paper products to fully enjoy it.  Southern hospitality at its finest!!  I think I hit the neighbor jackpot in Mississippi and am going to love these ladies.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. Olive looks so adorable in those pics, especially behind the wheel! Glad to hear that you're already feeling so much love in your new of luck with the rest of the move :)

  2. Oh my goodness Olive is just precious! Love those one year shots - I wish I had done that with my daughter!

  3. Oh what a week! I'm so happy for you guys and your new house! (will your parents please come help us?? ;) Your little road trip buddy is such a trooper and it sounds like you made the drive a lot of fun for both of you. Have a great weekend!

    ~kristen :)

  4. Olive looks very proficient at driving the car! Her 1 year sneak peek pics are beautiful:) We're still waiting to get Kane's back. My friend does them so we work around his schedule. Love the wreath on the front door--I just made a simple one for ours (curb appeal) but I haven't shared it yet. Good luck getting settled in!

    BTW, I saw one of your blog posts shared on a FB page I recently liked:)

  5. Quite the busy week! I love a good road trip! Those 1 year photos are just adorable - what a precious keepsake. I would have a hard time deciding as well! Best of luck on your move!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  6. Cute wreath! So sweet of your new neighbors! I would feel 10 times more better knowing they were so kind.


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