Monday, February 10, 2014

Hot Springs FOOD

It's usually my job to research the best food in the area when we travel but my husband took over this job for our trip to Hot Springs.  He found 3 fun restaurants for us to try.  They were all yummy so I'd recommend them if you are ever heading to Hot Springs.

The Whippet
(about 45 minutes south of Little Rock in Prattsville)
Kevin's boss took him here for lunch one day and he wanted to bring us back.
He ordered fried catfish and it came with a TON of sides.
 coleslaw, PICKLED tomatoes, beans, hush puppies and onions
I love tomatoes but the cold, pickled tomatoes weren't for me.
However the hush puppies and beans were delish!

 Olive was jealous of our meal :)
 The decor is very hometown and they have the vintage high school photos from the high school in Prattsville all around the restaurant.  We loved looking at the popular hair styles and the interesting trend of naming girls boy names.  It seemed like the whole town was there for dinner and everyone was really friendly.
 We were stuffed from dinner so we had to turn down the offering of  "Paaaaahhhhhh" or pie as it's known in other parts of the country :)

The Colonial
downtown Hot Springs
Voted Best Breakfast by Southern Living in 2011
 We heard the wait can be long so we went for brunch hoping to avoid the crowds.  It worked out perfectly because we barely had to wait and go to enjoy sitting outside and admiring the old buildings downtown.
 Kevin was pondering his options :)
 Omelet and biscuits for me
 Pancakes, sausage and eggs for Kevin
 The staff was so friendly and the inside of the restaurant looks like you're in a log cabin.  It was a darling breakfast spot that did not disappoint.

Fat Bottom Cupcakes
downtown Hot Springs - featured on Cupcake Wars
Reese's for me and Red Velvet for Kevin
A yummy treat that we took to go :)


  1. I've never heard of the Whippet, but it looks good (and looks like some other catfish joints around where I grew up!). And you made two great choices for your other stops! People are divided on the Colonial Pancake and Waffle House and The Pancake Shop- so you'll have to try the other one next time you're in town and see which side you're on! ha!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love seeing pics from your trips! The food looked amazing and so interesting too! Don't tell, but I haven't had fried catfish, pickled tomatoes OR hush puppies! I think I need to get busy. :)

  3. I have been to all 3 places! We stopped in the Whippet once to use the bathroom and ended up getting one awesome milkshake but now I am wanting to go back and check out that catfish.

  4. That all looks so yummy! I love all the little secret yummy food places you find on a trip!

  5. Ooh if I ever go there I know where to eat!! Your little one is so cute! And you look very pretty!


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