Friday, May 17, 2024

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope it's been a good week for you.  We were busy!

Did you catch my blog posts this week?

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Now onto my favorite moments of the week:

1. Emily Henry Books!

I picked up Happy Place on a whim - darling cover and Emily Henry is so popular - and I loved it!  The friendships, the romance, the themes and the adventures.  And who doesn't love a book that leaves you feeling HAPPY!?  I loved it so much that I promptly ordered two more Emily Henry books.  I'm reading Book Lovers now and People We Meet on Vacation next.  They all have amazing reviews.

2. Amazon Favorites
I had a tiny blush crisis this week.  Have you ever gone to reorder a favorite beauty item and it's GONE??  My favorite Tarte blush/highlighter combo is out of stock everywhere so I went to my instagram friends for help.  A good friend told me I had to try the ELF Glow Blush Beauty Wand cream blush in Pinke Me Up.  I had never tried a cream blush before so I was excited.  It's so lovely!  Look at this pretty glow.  I can't recommend this blush enough.  Blush crisis averted.

I picked up this PRETTYGARDEN Women's Summer 2 Piece Outfit on a whim and it's DARLING.  So good that I have already ordered it in black and red.  I'm debating which color to order next. 

The quality of the set is so nice.  The fabric feels expensive and you'd easily pay $40 for each piece.  This set is around $40 for the top AND bottom.  You could easily mix and match sets or wear each item on its own.  The pants are really flattering, have pockets and look so professional and put together.  It runs true to size so grab your normal size. 10/10 must have outfit for the Summer.  I promise!  You'll love it.  I'm thinking of ordering the olive green set or the mustard yellow set next.  All of the colors are SO pretty and many of them are on sale right now.

Adoyi Gold hoop set.  I got this pack of 7 different gold hoops for Mother's Day and I am SO impressed.  The quality is great and they look so high end.  I've worn them all week with zero complaints.  They are light, easy to wear and so pretty.  This set is perfection - every gold hoop style and size you could ever want and the price is shocking!!  Another Summer MUST HAVE!

3. Teacher gifts.  I grabbed some cute Summer zipper pouches for our teachers, added in some bakery cookies and a handwritten note.  I had the kids make their teachers these darling note paper gift bags and I love the way they turned out.  Just precious!

4. The Northern Lights.  I'm still not over this cool night sky.

5. Summer flowers!  I'm eager to plant my flowers, but it has been too rainy this week.  Hopefully these pretty blooms will get potted this weekend.

6. Makenzie-Childs vibes.  I found this darling checked vase at Marshalls this week and couldn't wait to use it. Kevin surprised me with Mother's Day flowers that matched perfectly without even knowing about my new vase.  I love it so much!

7. Backyard Lemonade.  My kids love lemonade as much as I do so I love serving some afternoon lemonade to them.

8. Dig N Roll.  Remember this cute indoor play place?  Leo and I went with some friends this week and it was EMPTY.  Going during the day when school is in session is so nice.

9. New plants!  I got some new plants this week for free!  My new motto is - if someone is offering free plants, I say YES!

10. Jordan Bakery Box.  I had some yummy orders this week!

11. Rescue Fletcher.  He saved a nest full of baby birds when crazy rains knocked them to the ground.  He's also keep an eye on some bunnies, saved us from a snake and is on the lookout for a turtle to save.  Poor Fletcher fell hard on his arm yesterday so we are still icing it and hope he gets back to animal rescuing soon.  

12. Blooming landscape!  It makes me so happy to see our landscaping thriving and not looking so new.

13. Double braids.  Olive requested that I learn how to do this for her this week.  I'm pretty pleased with the results!  She's got the prettiest hair.

14. King Leo.  No one loves a recliner more than him.

15. Crumbl Cookies.  Kevin took the big kids out to grab some cookies for dessert one night.  They picked out a yummy mix.  They were sad that there weren't more iced cookie options, but we devoured this assortment.  If you go to Crumbl - make sure you are earning rewards.  They add up fast!

16. Now that Leo is 4, running errands is fun and mostly easy.  Old Navy made his day this week with this fire safety set up.

17. Lunch dates make me smile!  We squeezed in one more lunch date before Summer with our favorite person - Jacque - at our favorite spot - Jason's Deli.

18. School!  The kids have packed in field trips, fun runs, fundraisers, dress up days and foam parties during their last few weeks of school.  We've got one more busy week before Summer break.

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you back here on Monday!

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  1. Those books sound great and it's good that you found a new blush. It looks fab on you.
    How wonderful that you saw the Northern Lights, I woke up Saturday morning to everyone sharing photos, I missed it. Hmmf.
    My girls would have loved that indoor play place when they were little! Ball pit heaven!

  2. That picture of sweet Topher with your "Happy Place" book is precious! And I love your little animal rescuer, what a sweetheart. Olive's hair looks so cute like that - way to go!


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