Friday, July 28, 2023

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you've had a nice week.  It's been HOT in the Midwest so doing our best to not melt in the heat.  We are wrapping up our Summer break and enjoying our days together.  I have lots of favorites to tell you about this week!

1 // Happy Anniversary~!

Kevin and I celebrated our 19th anniversary this week.  We didn't do anything fancy this year - work, kids to the dentist, errand and Door Dashed dinner.  I surprised him with his favorite Crumbl cookies for dessert and he surprised me with pink roses like we had at our wedding.  We stopped by campus to reminisce about getting married here 19 years ago.

2 // Belt Bag

I was skeptical at first that belt bags would be convenient or comfortable, but I love them!  They are so easy to wear and are perfect for moms on the go.  Mine holds my phone, keys, mini wallet, lipstick and a little snack for the kids.  I've got it in black.  Would you believe it was just $8.98 on Amazon!?  I've got my eye on a couple other colors for Fall - orange, black and white checkered, camel and pink.  Here are my Amazon links!

3 // Toddler Milestones

Leo has been going through so many big milestones lately.  He's only napping on occasion, he moved to the brother bedroom with Fletcher and he's sleeping upstairs.  That means that our sleep has all been impacted and we're all feeling a little more tired than usual.  I know he'll figure it out, but those milestones are tiring for everyone.

Look at his cute new dinosaur bedding!  It's both of our favorites!

4 // Polka Dots Play Cafe

We met some friends at this cute play cafe this week.  Leo and I have been several times y ourselves because the big kids are at school.  We all went this week and they all really enjoyed themselves.  The boys are eager to go back :)

5 // Vegetable Garden

Our vegetable garden is thriving!  We swapped out some plants that weren't doing so hot and then added some compost to help everything that was doing well - okra, zucchini, green peppers, kale, etc.  It's so fun to check in and harvest vegetables every day with the kids.

6 // Midwest Summer:

Chasing Sunsets

We have the best sunsets where we live!  Leo checks on them every evening and then gathers us all around if it's a pretty sunset.

 & Lilly Pad Lake

In our old neighborhood, we had a giant lilly pad lake.  We enjoyed it so much!  The kids and I found a new lilly pad lake near our new house and we all got so excited.

7 // Cousin Back to School Lunch

My parents invited us over for a back to school lunch.  It was so fun.  Leo decided that my mom's oatmeal cookies were so good that he would just have those for lunch.

8 // Fresh Bouquets

Fletcher has watched Kevin deliver grocery store flowers to me for years so it's my favorite when he goes out and picks me a bouquet of wild flowers.  It was not cold enough for this hoodie, he just wanted the hood because it was raining.

9 // Construction Leo

He loves a good costume.  It's my favorite to see what he strolls into the room wearing.

 Pirate Leo :)

10 // Visiting Great Grandma

We got to visit both of the kid's great grandmas.  We delivered favorite foods, flowers and got to say hello.  They're lucky to have such wonderful greats.

11 // Snack Shack

I let the kids play with all of the boxes that came after the Prime Day sales and look what they invented.  The Snack Shack filled with all their favorite snacks.

12 // MNO

I headed an hour North and my friends headed an hour South so we could meet for dinner.  I always look forward to these fun evenings catching up with some of my favorite friends.  It's the best dinner with best friends.

13 // Chef Salad

We had these big salads for dinner this week an they were so good!  We used several things from our garden, a new veggie chopper and three meats.  I could eat this favorite meal for dinner every single night.

14 // Bath time

My best parenting advice for little ones - bath time makes everything better :)  Hard day.  Grumpy moods.  Sickness or Tantrums.  A ducky bath will change everything.

15 // Meow

Topher turned 14 earlier this month!  He's the sweetest.  We got him when we lived in Utah.  He's lived in more states than most people - Utah, Arkansas, Mississippi and two cities in Indiana.  He's the sweetest and just seems to get friendlier and more lovey as he gets older.

It cracks me up when I find Pearl perched like this.  Sitting under the barstools is her favorite!

And I opened our linen closet to find this furry feline.  Penny likes hiding in cozy spots.

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you back here on Monday.

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  1. That sunset picture is definitely a keeper. Topher looks so sweet...he looks just like the cat I had through my 20's. Have a good weekend!

  2. Great family pic in front of the chapel. Would be good on your Christmas card.

  3. Happy anniversary! What beautiful roses and I love that sunset photo.

  4. Happy anniversary to you and husband.
    Those belt bags look brilliant, they are a big thing with teenage boys over here in the UK.
    Ahh! I remember those sleeping milestones when my girls were little. They were tiring but I know now it was just a phase.
    Oh wow! That lily pad lake is amazing and the snack shack looks like a great idea.

  5. I hope y'all had an amazing anniversary! I love that y'all went back to the chapel where you got married. So sweet! That play cafe looks like fun! A good way to have fun indoors and not melt outside. I'm a sucker for a good sunset! The snack shack is such a creative idea. I love it.

  6. I hope y'all had an amazing anniversary! I love that y'all went back to the chapel where you got married. So sweet! That play cafe looks like fun! A good way to have fun indoors and not melt outside. I'm a sucker for a good sunset! The snack shack is such a creative idea. I love it.


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