Monday, June 5, 2023

7 Summer Amazon Favorites

I'm so excited to share my Summer Amazon favorites with you today!  My list is short and sweet and we love every single thing on this list.  My kids LOVE #1 and I have a tie for my favorite item to recommend to you.  It would have to be #7 or #3, but #2 makes my life easier on road trips.


7 Summer Amazon Must Haves:

1 // 12 Piece Reusable Water Balloons for Kids WHDPETS

I bought a set for each of my kids and I know these are going to be such a hit all summer long.  We fill up a big bucket or a small baby pool as a refilling station and then they play and cool off with their water balloons. I love the no mess option unlike traditional water balloons and I bet your kids would love them, too!  They come in several different size sets and there is a coupon that you can click and add to this purchase right now.


2 // Vomit Bags - MP MOXXPAK Vomit Bags

If you've been around here for a while, you know one of my kids really struggles with car sickness and we have tried everything.  The best solution we've come up with is to be prepared for vomit when it happens.  Yuck.  These bags are lifesavers.  They are easy for kids to use and so easy to contain any vomit mess.  We never get in the car without them.  We have been purchasing these for years and swear by them.  They really do help contain the mess completely and help an unpleasant situation a little easier. 

3 // XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

Kevin surprised me with this treadmill for Mother's Day after ours had been broken for over a year.  I was so excited to get it!  I love having a workout option to do while the kids sleep, nap or play.  It's great when the weather is extreme or unpleasant outside.  And I feel a million times better after a 30 minute walk.  This treadmill is so sturdy and so easy to use.  It lives in our office right now and Kevin and I both love using it. 

4 //3 Pack Mini Magnetic Bead Board for Kids Magnetic Drawing Board

I grabbed these for the kids for Summer road trips.  They are so much fun to play with!  I think they'll all have fun using them in the car and on vacation. 


5 // Ravensburger World of Disney Eye Spy card game

My kids love the original version of this game and I got them the new version to take on vacation!  It's so cheap and so fun! 


6 // Cats in the Cradle string game

Olive is ten and got this for her birthday.  She's obsessed with learning all the formations and playing the cats in the cradle game with me.  It brought back good memories of my childhood where I did all the same things. 

7 // EOOUT 24 piece Mesh Zipper Pouch Zipper Bags

I am in love with these zipper pouches.  I've gifted them to friends and we use them all over the house.  I love them for makeup, swim bags, backpacks, summer craft supplies like crayons and colored pencils, car organizers, purse organizers and accessory organizers. They hold snacks for my kids when we are out and about and I love them so much.  They have several different sets and there is a coupon you can clip for them right now! 

Did anything catch your eye for your family this Summer??

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  1. Oh, water balloons, how fun!! I've been looking at those mesh bags, might have to get some.

  2. Oh I used to love playing cats in the cradle!


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