Friday, June 9, 2023

10 Play-Doh Favorites

Happy Friday!  We're wrapping up our second week of summer with some highs and lows.  We are still acclimating to having everyone home for summer break.  Our schedules have needed adjusting.  Lots of things didn't go as planned.  Plans got cancelled.  Last minute things popped up and home projects were more complicated than expected.  But the good outweighed the bad and we made it to Friday with smiles on our faces.

Today I'm going to share some of our favorite Play-Doh activities with you.  I've been doing Play-Doh Week over on instagram this week.  Follow me @polkadottyplace if you don't already!

Play-Doh is so much easier to clean up than slime or kinetic sand.  It's fun and my kids ages 3-10 all enjoy playing with it.  It's great for art, fine motor skill building and it's fun.  We're big fans.  Some days I give the kids Play-Doh challenges to do and other days they create their own challenge.  I hope you find an activity or two to do with your kids for a cool, indoor activity this summer.

1. Play-Doh Sight Words //

Give your child a list of their sight words, vocabulary words or just some challenging words and ask them to spell the words in Play-Doh.  My 2nd grader loved practicing words this way.

2. Play-Doh Chef //

Make a delicious food, name it and serve it.

Then award the food with fun titles - most colorful, most textures, yummiest, wish it was real, etc.

3. Hidden Colors //

The big kids had the best time hiding layers of color inside of their creations.  It took some practice to get their technique just right, but they found a way to hide the best surprises inside.

4. Texture time //

Use any tool or kitchen tool to make interesting patterns on your Play-Doh.

5. Dinosaur Eggs //

Give your kids an empty egg carton, some tiny toys like Hatchimals, small dinosaurs or tiny cars and have them hid the toy in a Play-Doh egg. 

6. Tiny Beds //

Give your kids a mini muffin pan, small toys and ask them to make the tiny toys a comfortable bed in each muffin spot.  Add Play-Doh pillows and blankets for fun.

7 // Fossils

The kids had so much fun doing dinosaur fossils in their Play-Doh.  This would be fun to do with cars, costume jewelry, Hatchimals or anything small.


8 // Who made this foot print?

Grab your little animals, characters, dinosaurs, Barbies with shoes on or trains to see who left marks in your Play-Doh.

9 // Make tiny things

Olive cut out circles and made lots of tiny pancakes.  They love to make tiny food or tiny statues or tiny scenes with Play-Doh.

10 // Make Your Own Cupcakes/Desserts

Give your kids a muffin pan and ask them to create desserts for you.  Cupcake liners are fun to play with and make the desserts look even more official.

I hope this post inspires you to put Play-Doh on your Summer to do list!

I'm taking a blog break for the next week or so to enjoy some extra family time!  I'll be back soon.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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