Tuesday, October 20, 2020

5 Teacher Gift Ideas

I know that this school year looks different for most of us, but I'm guessing that we have all settled into some type of school routine.  I am really thankful to report that my two oldest kids are back in school full time - PreK and 2nd grade.  Their teachers are going above and beyond with detailed websites, zoom conferences, loads of emails, masks and a lot of new things this school year.

I have always volunteered as room mom, but that isn't an option this year.  Parents are allowed to come into the classrooms or schools in order to keep out germs.  That makes me sad even though I totally understand it.

I want to make sure that the teachers feel loved, cared for and appreciated this year.  I'm a huge advocate of letting teachers know regularly that they're doing a great job.  I taught 2nd and 3rd grade for nine years before I had Olive.  I loved all those years in the classroom and was always so thankful for any type of encouragement I'd receive from parents.

These are my ideas - a few may surprise you and I assure you that these gift ideas will work well with almost any budget you're working with.


1. Kind Words

This is such a great way to let your teachers know that you appreciate them and it's FREE!  

Email them with details about things you appreciate.  Send in a handwritten note with your child. Or contact their principal to share the compliment with them.  This past weekend I reached out to Olive's principal and let her know a whole list of thank yous - things she was doing, things I'd noticed staff around the school doing and things that Olive's teachers had been doing to make this year wonderful for her.  The principal was so thankful for the encouragement and said she shared my email with the entire staff.  A few kind words go a long way to make someone's day.  

2. Store Bought Treats

I usually love to bake for our teachers, but this year feels a little strange to do that with all the Covid concerns.  I'm trying to figure out other ways to send in treats.  We sent in a bag of apples we picked from the local apple orchard.  They were wrapped up in a clear bag and the teachers could wash them when they got home.  I've sent in chocolate dipped caramels from Aldi and other fancy treats I picked up from the store - cookies, chocolates, loaf of bread, etc.  Find a treat, add a note and have your child deliver it!

3. Accessories

Our teachers have all be females so far and they've all enjoyed accessories - new scarf, earrings, bracelets, a new bag and fun pouches have all been well received.  We also like to gift accessories for the home - holiday kitchen towels, fuzzy blankets, fresh flowers, etc.

4. $5-10 Gift Card

Local businesses could definitely use the business right now.  Head to a coffee shop or an ice cream shop or any fun business and pick up a small gift card for your child's teacher.  Add it to a card with some kind words or email it to them if you're going for a contactless gift.

5. Teacher Favorites

Give your teacher a little survey to find out all their favorites - foods, colors, teams, etc.  Then gift them items corresponding with their favorites all year.  Our school keeps a list of favorites for each teacher in the office.  In years past, you could go and snap a picture of each teacher's favorite list.


Old Navy has all these fun pouches on sale right now for $4.  I picked up several to save for end of the year teacher gifts.  Wouldn't they be fun paired with a note and a gift card?

ADVdesigns earrings are my personal favorite to wear and to gift.  Each kid got to pick out a pair from my gifting stash to give to their teacher this year.

All teachers have loved fun office supplies so far.  We gave these rainbow pens and a stack of rainbow post it notes another time.

Last Tip: Right now Sams is selling these fuzzy blankets for $9.98.  They're wonderful!  I picked up three - one for each child's teacher for Christmas.  There are many different patterns.  I think you could find one for every person on your list.  I'm going to pair them with a Christmas card, nice note and add a big bow.  What a deal!  Leo agrees :)

What do you like to give for teacher gifts?


  1. You are such a generous, kind soul, Whitney! All of these make such great ideas! I bought several pairs of leather earrings from ADV Designs recently, some to send to my sister, and a pair to give to Henry’s co-op teacher.

  2. I LOVE to get the Kohl's big 1 blankets during their Black Friday sales - they are usually less than $5 after coupons. Pair those with Netflix codes for a holiday movie night. This is our first year of (so far virtual) high school so I'm not sure I'll buy any and that makes me a little sad

  3. These are such great ideas! I know any teacher would love any of them!


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