Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Summer Charcuterie

Hey, Friends!  Happy July!  I'm back and I have missed you!  We had a wonderful vacation and now we're back to Summer reality at home.  I have some fun things planned for July!  Stay tuned :)

We have been enjoying charcuterie boards this Summer.  I haven't done a Charcuterie board post since April because we haven't really had them on the menu.  Blame it on COVID, me not going to Aldi as much or Kevin doing lots of the grocery shopping when we had a new baby.  Whatever the reason, I'm back to putting together yummy boards!  I have some simple ideas for Summer boards to share with you today.  We discovered that they're even fun to have in the car or on vacation!

2 x 2 boards //
I added some new things - Brazi Bites from Sams (a really yummy cheese bread you bake for 20 minute and add to the board), dill pickles and Dot's pretzels.  I kept it really simple with two meats and two cheeses.  We were low on fruits and veggies so just two of those plus all the pickles and olives.

Cookie Sheet Boards //
On our first night of vacation we ate this Charcuterie board.  It was a good reminder that eating IN can still be fun, Oreos are always a good addition to the board and you do not have to have a fancy board to make these meals.  A cookie sheet will work just fine.

Charcuterie on the go //
We really limited the amount of times we ate out on vacation.  We went out to one lunch and one dinner.  Everything else was take out.  I packed charcuterie board lunches for the car for our drive down to Florida.  Everyone loved these snack plates.  It turned out to be a really easy lunch on the go.  Sometimes we'd park and eat and other times we'd eat on the go.

I challenge you to make a Summer board for your family for an easy meal this month!!

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  1. Those boards look delicious, I will have to make one soon!


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