Wednesday, June 12, 2019

DIY Lemon Topiaries

It's no secret that I love lemons.

I love everything from lemonade to lemon printed clothes to lemon decor.

Lemons are just so cheerful.

I picked up these lemon topiaries at Walmart for $7.88 each in their Spring decor section!!  What a steal!!

There is no way I could have purchased the supplies to make one of my own for that price.  However, I wasn't completely happy with the way they looked.  You could see the styrofoam ball pretty clearly and they looked a little sparse.  I opted to buy the Walmart topiaries and head to Hobby Lobby to buy some half off greenery.

The whole project cost me about $24

2 - $7.88 lemon topiaries
1 - $7.50 half off greenery garland from Hobby Lobby

I LOVE the way they turned out and they make me smile every time I see them on my mantle.

Let me walk you through the step by step DIY process in pictures.

BEFORE: 2 topiaries straight from the store.  The leaves have wire in them so they were easy to adjust.

TONS of lemons of various sizes.

They looked great from overhead, but sparse from the side.

I picked up a similar shape/color leaf garland to add into the topiaries.

Fletcher helped me pull off half the leaves on the garland.  I cut it in half - saving half the garland to keep in tact and half the garland to pull apart.

I counted out the same number of leaves for each topiary tree then hot glued them on.

See all the gaps in the leaves/lemons.

Ta Da!!  The AFTER lemon topiary trees with more leaves!

Up close.  Much more dimension and interest.

I love how bright and Summery these look on the mantle.  I had to play with the mantel set up for a while to get it right.

1. Two topiaries looked sad and too small for the mantle.
2. Added the greenery garland in the middle.
3. Stacked the topiaries on pillar candle holders
4. Still not tall enough so I added a stack of 3 books under each tree.
5. Love the final look!

Be sure to play around with your decor until you love the look.  I just shopped my house and kept pulling things from my decor stash until the mantle looked right to me.

The final look in our family room!

What's on your mantle right now??


  1. So CUTE! I am loving everything lemon right now too!

  2. Beautiful job! I never would’ve occurred to me to add more greenery on my own!

  3. Love it! My decorating vignettes never look right on the first try - I always have to do what you did, moving things around and adjusting until it looks just right. The greenery looks perfect with your lovely topiaries, and I always love the texture that books give to a space. Beautiful!


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