Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving Break & Holiday Fun

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving break!

It was so nice to have some time off even if we had to deal with some unexpected kid sickness.  We went to Florida for a few days, enjoyed a few days at home and then road tripped to visit our families for Thanksgiving.  We did a tiny bit of Black Friday sales mostly online and we did a lot of yard work yesterday.  Did you find any great deals???

The best parts of Thanksgiving were:

The desserts!!  Pie for the adults.  Cookies for the kids.

Double Oven!!  This was my first holiday to have a double oven and it was so nice.  It really made my baking go so quickly.

Colorful plates of Thanksgiving goodness.

 Inflatable turkeys are so much fun.

Fletcher has two Great Grandpas.  He loves their canes and always asks to borrow them for a bit.  

The kids played with cousins all day long.    The littlest at the little table and the big kids in the dining room.

We visited Divinity the Donkey.  My kids LOVE her.  

Olive got sick on Black Friday so the rest of our visit was spent sticking close to home.  My mom cooked for us, we got take out from some yummy restaurants and played lots of games.  Fletcher loves the Crispix mix and Olive loved the caramel corn.  We also tackled several organizing projects at my parent's house.

My mom and I snuck out of the house for a bit.  It wasn't the shopping we'd hoped to do, but it was good to get out and about.  She also got a hair makeover that looks great.

Notre Dame won their last regular season game to finish 12-0!  It was a fun season.  On to the playoffs!!  These cute cheerleaders are ready.


These two love my parent's porch swing.

Teamwork makes yard work better.

I'm excited for all of the holiday blog content I've got coming your way in the next few weeks.  You should definitely think about joining in the fun of a holiday home tour link up on Dec 12 and a really easy instagram photo challenge in the month of December.

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving even if it didn't go as planned.


  1. The only thing missing in our kitchen is a double oven. I've always wanted one so maybe one day we can add that to our home.

    And YES!! Bring on all things merry :)

  2. Nathan and I were wishing we had a double oven on Thanksgiving day! Everything we volunteered to make required the oven so we had to wake up really early! I love the picture of the kiddos with the inflatable turkey. They look so happy!

  3. A double oven would be so nice! Our microwave has a convection oven feature I've used before and it's handy!

  4. Oh I haven't done a photo challenge in a long time! I used to try to do them for the blog and such, it is a great motivator. Maybe I'll TRY to play along!!

  5. Love the double oven! That's something on the dream home wish list.


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