Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snowy Week

I don't usually blog on Thursdays, but we've been having SNOW much fun that I couldn't pass up the chance to document our snowy week. 

Our city has gotten several inches of powdery snow this week.  We have had school cancellations, delays and lots of time out in the snow.  We've also watched plenty of movies, baked, played and taken it easy indoors.  Anyone else hate to take their kids out unnecessarily this time of year??  So many germs everywhere!!

It took Fletcher a bit to warm up to the snow.  He wasn't a fan of being super bundled up at first so there were tears.  He didn't love the mittens either.  Then he realized that the more we bundled him the better he felt outside.  So after day 1 he was mostly fine with all the layers.  He also just wanted to be pulled around in the sled or go down the slide all day.  His new favorite phrase is "I told" = I cold.

Olive loves snow.  She always has.  She never complains of being cold and happily wears layers when it means she gets to play in the snow.  Zero complaints about socks, pants, layers, etc.from the girl who usually only wants to wear dresses.  She made too many snow angels to count, loved shoveling, loved eating snow and loved being pulled in the sled.  She really wanted to make a snowman, but powdery snow does not work for that.  When she found out her school was cancelled due to snow she ran up to Fletcher and said, "Hey Fletchy, I get to stay home with you all day and never leave!!!"  It was sweet.

I wised up and bought kid snow shovels, snow overalls and sleds for everyone before Christmas.  We gave the kids shovels and sleds for Christmas.  So we were set and hoped we'd get snow in the new year.  Our wish came true!

Our back door looked like this all week.  Wash, dry, wear, repeat.

Have you had a snowy week where you live??


  1. So cute! We got over 6 inches of snow and we have loved sledding down our hill in it. I will be kind of sad when it's gone.

  2. What a fun week!! I'm so glad you got lots of snow and were all able to enjoy it! Seeing your pictures reminded me of good times we had just like this, growing up in Indiana! I always loved playing in the snow for hours too. You were so smart to get shovels for the kids - what a fun thing for them to play with!!

  3. You are a good Momma! I LOATHE playing in the snow. I hate being cold. And somehow I was blessed with a babe that doesn't ask to go out in play in it. But Olive? DO YOU GIRL!


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