Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10 Ways to Save

I have some fun things to share with you today.  You know that I love a good deal and I love finding ways to save on things for my family

Kevin and I are playing this money saving game where we look for ways to save money and then tell each other about it.  Instead of buying this... I did this... or I was tempted to buy this today, but I did this instead... We have also decided that if we're going to make a purchase of over $50 we have to run the idea past the other person first.  We don't really need anything right now, but this extra step to check has definitely saved us some money.

I personally am trying to shop less.  I love strolling through stores, but I usually end up wasting money.  So I've been more specific about my shopping trips and trying harder to stick to my list rather than wander the store finding things I "need".

Here are a few other ways we have been saving money:

1. Money Saving Apps
Add some free apps to your phone to save money!
I have grocery store apps for Meijer, Walmart. Target and Kroger.  I use and save with all of them.  There are weekly coupons to add to your account (no coupon clipping) and special offers/rewards only available with the apps.  We save money at the gas pumps, earn rewards through the pharmacy and get texted offers for special coupons.

I use Ibotta, Saving Star and Checkout 51.  The great deals come and go so I just check them weekly.  I've earned a total of $264.72 since getting the apps.  The money builds up in your app accounts and once you reach a certain amount $5, $10 or $20 you can cash out.  Some will send you a paper check and others offer gift cards that get emailed to you.  The apps are all easy to use and it's so nice to save a little on each trip to the grocery store.

2. Everyone packs a lunch
I pack lunches for Olive on Wednesdays and most days for Kevin.  Eating out every day gets expensive so it's nice to pick up lunch making supplies at the grocery store so you're set for the week.  Sometimes we'll go out to eat with friends and I will pack a lunch for the kids.  Anyone else have kids that will barely eat fast food when you order it for them, but they they'll eat every single thing you pack in their lunch??  I am excited that they prefer a healthier meal option :)

3. Pay attention to your deductibles and in network providers
Be well versed in your insurance coverage to avoid paying too much.  I was scheduled to have a dental procedure done in December and my dentist office called to see if I'd already reached my limit for the year.  Kevin made a phone call and figured out that we'd save hundred of dollars by moving my appointment to January.  I'm so thankful they called me to double check so now I'll be more aware.  We also switched our pediatrician and I made sure they accepted our insurance in advance.

4. Grocery Clearance
Pay attention to the clearance end caps, sections or stickers at your grocery stores.  They mark things WAY down when the expiration date nears.  I love to buy yogurt, fancy cheeses and meats this way.  The same goes for clearance in all departments.  I found these tubes of my new favorite Wet and Wild lipstick marked down to $1.24.  Then they showed up on my receipt for just $0.60!!! 

5. Pay attention special in store promotions
Meijer recently ran a sale... buy $20 in skin care products and you earn $5 off your purchase instantly.  I stocked up on things we use to get the deal.

6. Buy cards in bulk
Walmart sells these boxes of greeting cards for ALL occasions.  They're $1.88 for a box of 12 cards.  The cards are cute and it's a great way to save money.  Birthday cards seem to be at least $5 when you buy them in the card section so this saves me tons of money buying them in bulk.  I also read that stamps are going up to $0.50 so be sure to stock up on some forever stamps before the price change.

7. Look for coupons attached to the products you love
We find them on bags of chips, household cleaners, hummus, make up and more!

My favorite mascara came with a $2 off coupon.  In full disclosure, I was shopping with Fletcher and forgot to take off the sticker and hand it to the cashier.  I am always REALLY THANKFUL for thoughtful cashiers that point out the coupons as they're ringing things up.  However, I came home with my coupon this time.  I'll save it for my next trip.

8. Save on your beauty routine
This is my favorite dry shampoo and it's $2.94 a bottle at Walmart.  It works great, smells great and is much cheaper than other brands.  Some stores sell it in a two pack for an even better deal.

9. Use What You Have
I'm challenging myself to use up my giant basket of make up samples before buying new products this year.  I'm excited to try new things and I have the basket in a spot where I'll see it often to use those items.

I also am using up cleaning supplies, clearing out things in my pantry and taking close inventory of the contents of my freezer.  I don't like to waste things.  So if I know what I already have at home then I can use that up first.

10. Pay attention to regular price mark downs & stock up
Walmart does this a lot where they will change the price listed on the shelf and tell you the new, lower price.  If I see the tag on an item I love and it's a significant drop, then I will stock up on those items.  My number one favorite pasta sauce that we use for pizza sauce, dipping sauce, spaghetti and more was just $1.77 on my last trip to the store.  I stocked up!

How are you saving money this time of year??


  1. I need to check out those Walmart cards...great idea. I agree that the best way to save money is just to stay out of the stores as much as possible. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. So many great ways you are saving money. I use Ibotta & Checkout 51 as well. I have our Jay C grocery store app and use Wal-Mart's savings catcher whenever I go there (it's not too often). Since we revamped our budget for this year, we have started taking our lunches to work. We also decided not to use our debit/credit cards to pay for anything and use cash instead. So far so good, except I forgot to replenish my cash stash for the grocery store this week. Trey loves looking for good deals for meat at the grocery store. They had a deal this week when you bought a pack of drumsticks, you got one free. That was a $7 savings. I will have to check out buying the cards in stock. We have large families, it would be great to keep some in stock.

  3. Awesome tips, my friend! We use the cash envelope system, so when it's gone it's gone. Because of this it's hard for me to stock up when I see a fantastic deal, but I know it will save me money in the long run, so I really need to. I think I'll start shooting for that :) an area I have enjoyed saving money in is making my own sauces, beans (from dried), and deodorants. Even though those things are already pretty cheap, I can make a huge batch for less than I spent on buying a few cans. Keep these great posts coming, love them!

  4. Whitney, I just love these posts SO much. From one saver to another, I always find your tips helpful and such good reminders.

  5. These are such a good tips. I need to get in the habit again of using Ibotta again!

  6. I just downloaded the three shopping apps! I can't wait to use them!

  7. Great tips!! When my son and I need a trip out of the house, we have what we call a "looking time" where we peruse toys, makeup...whatever but do not buy. It helps him when we discuss this beforehand and we stick with looking and not buying. We also look for free or low cost fun...library, Redbox and homemade pizza nights, visit a bookstore etc.

  8. Meal planning always helps me and we're lunch packers too!


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