Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Goodwill Haul & A NEW LINK UP!

Hi Friends!  I'm excited to share some AMAZING Goodwill deals with you today.

You know it's a good haul when you find brands like
Boden, GAP, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Janey and Jack and Osh Kosh!!

I'm also excited to tell you about a new link up I'm co-hosting with some friends.

It's called Welcome Wednesday
and it'll happen every Wednesday at 7:00am Eastern.

We'd LOVE to have you join us with 1-2 posts from the week.
Be sure to look around and check out some other bloggers, too.

Meet Your Hosts! 

Now back to my Goodwill Haul.

I love shopping at Goodwill.

Let me clarify.  I love shopping at SOME Goodwills.

They are not all created equal.

The ones in my city are sad.  So I always am on the hunt for nice Goodwills when I'm out and about.  I have some favorites that I try to hit regularly.  My sister and I love going thrifting together so it's usually on our to do list when we've got a few kid free hours.

My best tips:
1. Check out every section - home, decor, boy and girl kid clothes, shoes, accessories, art work, books, etc.  You just never know what you're going to come across.
2. Go with a friend or sister who can keep an eye out for your sizes/styles while you shop together.
3. Double check everything for spots/stains before you buy.
4. Give yourself time to browse when you find a good thrift shop.
5. Wash everything as soon as you get home.

I hit the jackpot on kid's clothes this trip.
4 dresses for Olive.
$2.50 each!  That striped/butterfly dress is BODEN!

Kimono for me $2.50 and GAP bomber jacket for Olive $2.50

Jackpot for Fletcher - Polo, Ralph Lauren, Janey & Jack & Osh Kosh all for $2.50

I loved this Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus Christmas statue for $1.50.
Someone hand painted it and date it 1991 haha

There was no price on this snowy berry garland.  They asked if I'd pay $1 for it.  YEP!  So always ask for a price on items that aren't priced.  

And these were from my last Goodwill Haul... all name brand, nearly new looking button downs for Fletcher and some cute GAP boots.  All $2/each.

I spent $40 and came home with 18 items.  I couldn't believe how far my money went.  I'm anxious to head back to my favorite Goodwills in a few weeks to stock up on Spring/Summer things for the kids.

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  1. Look at all your fun finds from Goodwill! That's amazing!!
    And I am SO excited about the new Wednesday Linkup! I have been missing Tuesday Talk!!

  2. That WAS a great haul. I can't wait to see you wear that kimono! I was literally just sitting here thinking I should go into ours and look around a bit.

  3. Such a good haul. I love finding a treasure at Good Will. My favorite might be my daughter's headboard. I saw it out of the corner of my eye in the window as we were driving by and made my husband go back. It was $15 and I sprayed it cream. It's darling! xoxo ERIN

  4. Eek! I always get super excited about a good thrift store haul! That kimono was a score - it all was! I really really really miss the Value Village/Savers company that we had in WA. Our goodwills are eh, and are terribly pricey. But, there is occasionally that diamond in the rough! ;)

  5. I love a great goodwill haul! You found some really fab items! I am loving your kimono and bomber. Thanks for the new link up. I have added it to my Fabulous Link Ups page!


  6. Look at you! I never find anything at Goodwill!

  7. I love a good thrift store haul!!! You got some good stuff!

  8. I definitely agree that Goodwills are not created equal. I'm always disappointed that ours are so junky, especially living in such an affluent area! We have a local homeless shelter/foster care ministry that operates very nice thrift stores, and that's where I've been doing my thrift shopping lately. They have much better stuff and it's always clean and organized in there! Having my money go to their ministry is an added draw as well. I haven't found clothes in there but they do have really great home goods. Your name brand haul is amazing and I love that berry garland you found! Those are so expensive!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  9. Wow! What a great haul! I've come across a treasure or two but never have found as much as you! That's awesome! And, thanks for hosting! Love having new ones to join!!!

  10. This makes me want to hit up Goodwill right now! So many good finds and bright colors!!!

  11. Wow you got some great deals st the goodwill. I bet Olive loves the dresses. Our goodwill giant as good but sometimes I get stuff from thrift stores but not as good as your haul. Good shopping.

  12. I never have that much luck at Goodwill. I'm so impressed!

  13. You are right about the quality of different Goodwill stores. Ours is just not the best. Thanks for the fun new link up. (Love the kimono!)

  14. Connor is going to need a full Spring and Summer wardrobe and I am challenging myself to do it under a certain budget. I know without a doubt I'm going to need to hit up thrift stores to make that happen.

  15. Wow, what a score! I love that kimono you got. I enjoy thrift store shopping. The Goodwill in our town is eh, ok.


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