Friday, September 8, 2017

The Best Parts

Happy Friday!!  This felt like a long, short week!  We had a lot going on with Olive heading off to school so we are really excited for the coming weekend.  We've got some family coming in town and are hoping to watching a lot of football.  The weather in Indiana has been amazing and cool.  I think it's time to bust out my soup pot and make my first soup of the season.

The best parts of our week were:

1. Olive Headed Off to School
We hit a big, family milestone this week: Our oldest child headed off to preK!  She told people all week long that she was kind of excited for school, but a teensie bit nervous.  I felt the same way.  We talked up the whole school routine big time so she was prepped and ready to go.  I knew she'd love it once she got past the first day jitters.

Thankfully, SHE LOVED SCHOOL!  She had the best day.  She loved her teachers, told me she was working hard to be friendly and make some best friends and then gave me the run down of the trouble makers in her class.  haha She enjoyed the arts, the snacks, the songs and she said she learned something "berry important" that first day.  You get what you get and you don't "frow" a fit :)  I'm loving this school stuff already.

She picked out her outfit head to toe with all of her favorite characters - Paw Patrol, Shimmer & Shine and My Little Ponies.  She was so proud of all of her new school gear.  I was proud of myself for getting her ready and then not shedding a single tear until I pulled away from her school.  I was so proud of her for being brave and starting something new!

We did a back to school sparkler send off to get her excited, baked apple shaped sugar cookies for her teachers and then let her choose the dinner menu to celebrate her first day of school.  She was beaming every time we asked her about it.

I had a REALLY great day at school, Mama! -Olive

2. We got MUMS!!
We bought mums this week and they're already looking so pretty.  We love the gold ones and always wonder about planting them.  Should we plant them instead of pot them?  Do any of you have good luck planting them??  Give me all of your mum tips.

3. Notre Dame football is back!
We watched the season opener at my in law's house and Fletcher has already figured out how to get comfy and watch a game. 

 4. Learning is FUN!
We headed to our science class at the children's museum and the Duplo class had a fun zoo theme this week.  The teacher planned really fun activities to help the kids sort and organizing things.  We played red rover with these little people and Olive loved it.  Read the sign for the directions.  I love that these classes are free/cheap because we learn a ton and then can repeat the activities/games when we get home.

5. Get Outside!
The weather has been amazing in the Midwest so we've been outside a ton.  I wish the weather was this great everywhere.  Every time we turn on the TV we're so sad to see all of the hurricane, flooding, wild fire catastrophes.  We're praying for all of the people impacted by all of it and hoping for some major relief headed their way ASAP.

We packed a picnic for the park this week and met some friends for lunch.  We've been playing in the yard, doing yard work and going on long walks in the evenings.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I am so glad that Olive had a great time at preschool. My daugther had her first day on Wednesday but it was only an hour and the parent had to stay, but tomorrow is her first day without me. I think I am more nervous than she is. Looks like you had some nice weather for some park time.

  2. I am so so happy Olive had such a great first day of school! I actually loved her first day of school outfit!!! And seeing your beautiful mums is making me so excited to get my front porch decorated! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend! 😊

  3. I just love that she loved school. I think we all would have been surprised if she didn't, but it is so fantastic that she had a good time. The weather WAS so good this week... and then ours warmed back up. I was just a little bit bummed out by that too. I hope y'all have a great weekend friend.

  4. So glad to hear school is going well for Olive! It cracks me up that she already could say who is trouble!

  5. Glad to hear Olive had a good time at school. Those cookies look amazing! And hooray for mums! I'm so excited for fall over here, too. :) Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. Olive looks so excited in her back-to-school picture. How cute! And the apple cookies are adorable.

  7. Gah, Olive is so adorable. Glad she had a good first day of school!


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