Monday, May 29, 2017

She's FOUR!

Happy Birthday, Olive!!
She turns FOUR at 4:45pm today.

Olive was the first to call us mom and dad, taught us how to be parents and has become the best big sister this year.  She adores her brother, loves animals and loves to play.  She's making new friends, learning new things and growing up so quickly.

I thought it would be fun to ask everyone their four favorite things about Olive today.

Mama LOVES these 4 things about you:
1. You have strong opinions and favorites.
2. Every time I see something purple I think of you.
3. You have a great imagination and tell really good stories.
4. You like to travel and go on adventures.

Daddy LOVES these 4 things about you:
1. Your imagination.
2. Your playfulness and silliness.
3. Your desire to help out.
4. Your confidence.

Fletcher LOVES these 4 things about you:
1. You make the funniest faces.
2. You hold my hand in the car.
3. You wrestle with me.
4. You love to play in the water with me.

We are lucky to have you in our family!!

A little birthday flashback:





  1. Happy birthday Olive! I love your enthusiasm for life! Your sweet personality shine through!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope you have the best time celebrating her today!

  3. 1 .I love your expressions,especially your sweet smile. 2. Love your sense of style, especially your boots..3..Love that you are so adventuresome...4..Love all the witty things you say that make me smile...But most of all I love that you are my little grandaughte...

  4. Love all these pictures of Olive especially the one looking sideways...They are so sweet.

  5. Olive!!!! Happiest Birthday!!! She is just the sweetest little thing and I love her precious smile!!

  6. What a sweetie! Happy Birthday, Olive!

  7. Happy Birthday, Olive! I dare say she might have gotten her tendency for strong opinions from her Mama? :)

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Olive!


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