Thursday, May 25, 2017


It's been a few month since I did a confessions style post for you.  I figured it was time to tell you all of the random stories.

I went through our local donut shop drive through to pick up donuts the other day and it was a disaster.  I pulled up and ordered our usual - one cake donut with white icing and sprinkles and one cake donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  I was super clear and the woman said, "Great, that's exactly what we have left."  She put my donuts in a bag and said "$3.40"  It was double was I was expecting and so I asked if they'd changed their prices for 2 donuts.  She said she thought I asked for four.  So I paid the larger amount and said it was fine.  When I got home I had two strawberry sprinkle donuts and two chocolate sprinkle donuts.  We still ate them, but that's definitely not what we were expecting.  #notwhatiordered

We were grocery shopping at Kroger and Olive asked me, "What does M-O-M spell??"  She spotted a mom sign for Mother's day and I was sweetly surprised that she was spelling to me.  I told her it spelled mom and she was so proud of herself.  Now she tells me she's working on spelling and saying all kinds of random letters to make up words.  #itsadorable

I was cleaning out my diaper bag the other day and found a black BANANA PEEL in the bottom of my bag.  Gross!  So much for trying to eat healthier breakfast options.  Add this to the list of things I never thought would happen to me. #diaperbagdisaster

Southern Charm is still one of my very favorite reality shows.  I just can't get enough of Cam, Shep, Naomi and Patricia.  Are you a fan?

I picked up Fletcher's 1 year photo session cd and was making small talk with the shop owner.  He's always super nice.  He wrapped up our conversation by saying, "So when is your next one?"  I fumbled around and said, "Uhhh two kids keep us pretty busy." Then he realized the awkwardness, apologized and said he was talking about our next photo session.  #misunderstood

I regularly use the microwave door to check my hair or put on lipstick.  The reflection is perfect and it's easier than heading off to the bathroom.  I'm not sure if this makes me lazy or smart. #momhack

We can't be trusted with those giant bags of Skinny pop, Gardettos or Chex mix from Sams.  We devour them in no time and when I asked Olive which one we should buy she says ALL OF THEM!  I really should just stop strolling down the salty snack aisle. #bulksnacks

I'm working on making a great summer play list because I love to have a new one to kick off summer.   Spoiler alert: it'll be heavy on the country music per usual.   I'll likely download all the music and then burn an old fashioned cd for my car.  I know cds are a dying technology, but there's something great about having a stack of cds in the car. #oldschool

I've been working hard to check off all the necessary steps to update my teaching license.  I have a Utah license and am applying for an Indiana one so that I can return to teaching some day.  It's so much work, so many steps, expensive and really so much work.  Why does every step cost at least $40?  I'll be excited to wrap up this process and these phone calls ASAP. #teachlikeachampion

I bribe my kids with candy so I can make phone calls without them screaming in the background.
That being said, I rarely make phone calls unless I HAVE to.  I miss the days of picking up the phone to call a friend and catch up. #textonlyplease

I switched over the kid's closets to their Summer wardrobe.  Olive's been enjoying all the new dress options.  I put her in a cute floral dress and then at the end of the day realized I put it on her backwards.  So the cute buttons down the front were actually supposed to be buttons down the back. #momfail

I've been shopping for some new tops lately and it seems like every single top is cold shoulder or off the shoulder.  The tops are cute prints, but I think they are completely impractical for me.  I have no interested in wearing either while juggling kids to and from things all summer long.  No thanks.  What happened to short sleeves??  Have you found any cute summer shirts with sleeves??  If so, please tell me where. #givemesomesleevesplease

Do you have any good stories to tell me??
I'm all ears :)


  1. You sucked me in with the donut photo and had me at the story. Ha ha! that's definitely not what you ordered, but I'm glad you could still enjoy them. It's like jumping through hoops to do anything for teaching. I get it, but goodness.

  2. I have heard that renewing/switching over teacher license is super tedious - good luck!

  3. I love burning CDs! I have so many. I will have to dig them out sometime. It'll be funny to see what I was listening to back in the day. Good luck with getting your license! I don't get the off the shoulder or sleeves showing the shoulder your arms cold but shoulders hot? I recently bought some solid print short sleeve shirts at Eddie Bauer. I love how thick they are, and I got them at a good price!

  4. Ugh YES the steps for a credential are crazy. So many hoops, especially here in California. That donut looks amazing, even it it was the wrong flavor!

  5. Ugh the same thing with the black banana peel happened to me in my car! GROSSSSSS!!!! I still shudder thinking about it!

  6. Same with the off the shoulder and cold shoulder shirts! I want cute fun (momma friendly) tops. I have found a bit more success online (target, jcp) I'm just hoping this trend passes quickly. :)

  7. I am not digging the off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder tops at all! And that is all there is in the stores it feels like. I actually saw a couple of sleeved tops that were cute at Wal-Mart. They were the ones with the embroidered collar area that are very popular. I will be glad when that fad is over. I just don't like the tricky bra situation those kinds of tops put you in. I am also with you on CDs. My van is pre-bluetooth or any other music technology so I still use my 6 disc CD changer.

  8. One of my favorite songs for a summer playlist is Penny and Me!

  9. This post is so fun! So funny about the misunderstanding with the photographer! I am not much for off the shoulder tops, but the cold shoulder ones are fine with me. I had made myself buy the pack of small bags of skinny pop so I can control my portions!

  10. Always love these posts! Ugh. Sorry to hear about the teaching license fiasco. I think I'd be in big trouble if I headed down that road - I'd have no idea where to start!
    I'm with ya on the cold shoulder tops. I ended finding some cute shirts at JCP, but that was a few months ago now. I'll keep my eyes peeled!
    Did you find some new leopard print shoes?

  11. What a bizarre donut experience. Is that where you usually go?! Oh man that photographer moment, SO awkward and kind of hilarious too :)!

  12. A Dave Matthews song came on Sirius while I was driving today, and I realized that I hadn't listened to any of my DMB CDs since I got a new car last year. It was honestly kind of depressing lol.


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