Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fletcher 10-12 Months

I realized the other day that I never published Fletcher's 10-12 month update.  I hate to get behind here because this is the extent of his baby scrapbook.  I have a calendar for each of my kid's first years.  I wrote out a fun fact about them for each day of the year.  I document their milestones on the blog with the hopes of making them highlight scrapbooks at some point.  How do you document the special moments with your kids??  

Here are Fletcher's milestones, memories and favorite moments from 10-12 months.  I really love that 1-12 month photo collage.  I really wish I'd done a better job of monthly pictures in the same spot with Olive.

Fletcher 10 Months: January 2017

You slowly recovered from a 9 day stomach bug and it was so pitiful.  You are crawling and are into everything.  You can now get yourself unstuck which is nice for both of us.  You're imitating sounds like uh-oh, high fiving and standing more and more.  You think your sister is hilarious and she really loves playing with you.  We have to remind her to be gentle with you after you got your first black eye this month.  You love sleeping in your own room, sleeping on your side and have turned into quite a great little sleeper.

You are wearing 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers and have no interest in wearing shoes.  Your hair is growing into a mohawk again and it's pretty blonde.  You love to eat puffs, apples, cheese, pretzels, cucumbers, Cheerios and graham crackers.  You eat a ton with only a couple of teeth.  The cats have started watching out for you because you LOVE to pull their tails.  You shriek with delight and have definitely learned what NO means.  Bath time is your favorite

Fletcher 11 Months: February 2017

You love to try to keep up with the big kids.  You crawl all over the Duplo classes, gymnastics place during open gym and it's hard to contain you at the library.  You really love going on stroller rides and everywhere we go people comment on your beautiful blue eyes.  You wave, nod yes or no and high five.  You're super strong and we tease that you're like a tiny body builder.  You smack things when you get really excited and you're navigating standing better and better.

Your giant open mouthed kisses are super slobbery and super sweet. You still gag really easily and are taking reflux medicine.  You smack your lips when you're excited to try food.  Push toys and anything with wheels are your favorites right now.  You still loves your toes and get mad when they are covered up.  You've been taking two 1 hour naps and sleeping 11-12 hours a night.  It's amazing for all of us!!

Fletcher 12 Months: March 2017

You love to eat oatmeal, meatballs, grilled cheese and strawberries.  You're starting to love your dada more and more.  You ask for him all day long and then run up to him when he gets home.  Dad is thrilled.  You got your first bloody nose, love playing outside and are super messy all the time.  Sounds like a perfect boy to me.  You've worn holes in all of your pants, stained your shirts from your messy meals and you take lots of baths.  

We traveled a lot this month with road trips and your first flights to Naples, Florida.  You are super portable and had a great time.  You love to hold Olive's hand when you're both in your car seats and you get lots of help with your "walking training" from big sister.  You loved the pool, the sand and everything about vacation.  You definitely loved the beach more this year than last.  You enjoy being outside and took your first couple of steps this month.  You love to eat and loved all the attention for your birthday.  You smiled through your parties and were such a sweet birthday boy.


We sure are lucky to have this sweet boy in our family!


  1. oh that sweet smile! Just precious!

  2. I love that bear snowsuit! I love how you document everything. It will be fun for you all to look back to see when things happen! Those blue eyes are beautiful!

  3. You are so good at documenting your littles! Sweet Fletcher sounds like such a joy! His big blue eyes must make you melt!

  4. That outfit in his 11 month picture is TOO cute!!

  5. Handsome boy!! My documentation falls off the charts after 12 months with both kids :( Sad.

  6. He is just the sweetest little dude! Adore him!

  7. 12 months! It always goes so quickly! I love the pic of him chewing on the dinos!

  8. Oh Fletcher you have really stolen our hearts over the past year. That sweet smile of his is just so precious.

  9. He is seriously the CUTEST!! He has the most gorgeous eyes!!! I love his serious/not impressed "looks" the best :)

  10. The little plaid snowsuit with the ears! I die.


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