Monday, January 30, 2017

January Recipe Round Up

I'm excited to share some delicious recipes with you this month!  I tried several new ones, made lots of favorites and we did a great job of eating healthy this month.  The new year is off to a great start!

Favorites from January:

// 1 //
Teriyaki Turkey Stir Fry
This was the best meal I made all month!!  It was so good, healthy and I can't wait to make it again.  You'll need
1 lb ground turkey
your favorite teriyaki sauce
1 bag frozen green beans
1/2 chopped red pepper
1/4 chopped yellow onion
handful of edamame
soy sauce
olive oil
1 bag boil in a bag rice

Brown the ground turkey, salt to taste and leave it really chunky.  Drain off the juices and add teriyaki sauce.  Heat it all up together.

Saute the green beans, peppers, onions and edamame in olive oil until they get some good color on them.  Add in some soy sauce when it is done.  Plate it all up together and enjoy!

// 2 //
Breakfast Burritos
We had left over turkey sausage and left over steak fries from dinner one week so I put the two together and decided to make breakfast burritos.  You'll need an egg per burrito, potatoes, turkey sausage, chopped red peppers, chopped onion, sharp cheddar cheese, tortillas, salt and pepper.  Cook the eggs first, add in the pepper and onions and then heat the potatoes and sausage all together at the end.  Top with cheese.  SO GOOD!!

// 3 //
My favorite salads of the month were:
BBQ Pulled Pork Salad - leftover BBQ from dinner made a yummy addition to my veggie packed salad.  I used honey mustard dressing.
Stripey Taco Salad
Bed of mixed greens, seasoned taco meat with garlic, onions & taco meat, taco toppings and salsa for dressing.  It was delicious and we ate it several times this month.

 // 4 //
We love nachos for dinner and this month we tried something new.  Did you know that Refried BLACK Beans existed??  I did not until recently.  I've always loved black beans so I was excited to give them a try.  The Old El Paso refried black beans were delicious and I'm not sure I'll ever eat refried beans again.  They were a wonderful addition to our plates of nachos.

 // 5 //
Holiday Foods
We had some fun, patriotic foods for the inauguration.  My daughter loved them and they were really easy to make.  I usually just use her favorite foods to make fun shapes.  We had a flag lunch and worked together to make cupcakes.

 I rarely make cakes from scratch.  Boxed ones are just fine with me, but I do have a secret.
I almost always make homemade FROSTING.  It makes a boxed cake seem extra great and people always rave about them.  Here's my favorite combo Funfetti + homemade Buttercream.  The recipe is so easy, turns out great every time and you just can't go wrong with it.

We enjoyed Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread for dessert

These would be perfect for Valentine's Day treats!

Have you tried any new recipes lately??

Now I'm starving!!  Which recipes are you anxious to try???
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  1. Girl, you kill me with all of your yummy recipes! But don't stop! Keep 'em coming. :)

  2. That teriyaki turkey stirfry looks amazing! It has all of my favorite flavors in it… Definitely will be making night next week!!

  3. Ok, now I am craving a breakfast burrito and I always have wraps in the house, but today I don't!!! haha The teriyaki turkey stirfry looks amazing!!!

  4. Oooh, your turkey teriyaki looks amazing! Paul doesn't care for anything Asian inspired, so I save those meals for nights that he works late. That recipe would be easy to make for one. Thanks for sharing! I love your patriotic lunch and treats!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. I love this! I'll be trying some of these for sue!

  6. Yum! All this food makes me hungry! I love seeing what other people are cooking and serving!

  7. Refried black beans?!? I HAVE to find some! What brand were they?

  8. Breakfast burritos are my favorite! We have them most every Saturday morning.

  9. Those breakfast burritos look so good. I wish Russ like them, they are one of my absolute favorites.

  10. That taco salad looks soooo good. We're always on board for Mex in our house, so I'll have to try that sometime... although, I'll have to hold the actual salad part for the kids. They won't eat the lettuce! Haha.

  11. O my this round up of dishes looks so good girl. So happy to find your blog via mollys link up today!

  12. Yum Yum Yum! I need to try all of these but the teriyaki turkey definitely caught my eye! :)

  13. Now I'm starving! HA
    Everything looks delicious

  14. Your meals always look so amazing and this month did not disappoint. Since we are living with my parents, my mama does most of the cooking. I'm the go to baker. This weekend Jack and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were so delicious. I'm anxious to try those brownies. I need to pick up some m&ms and hide them from myself until we bake with them. Jack just LOVES to make anything. I really could see himself as a baker or chef one day. I'm so glad he enjoys spending time with me in the kitchen. We are making such sweet memories.

  15. Those breakfast burritos have my mouth watering! I also love a good asian dish with green beans!


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