Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fletcher's Hospital Photo Shoot

We have really lucked out that both hospitals I delivered at offered photo shoots in your room with a professional photographer.  We were really pleased with this set up in Utah and were planning to do it again with Fletcher.  I met the photographer, liked what I heard and signed on the dotted line.  I came prepared with some props and these pictures were taken on the morning of March 31, 2016.

I had envisioned included Olive in this photo shoot, but it just wasn't realistic.  She was home with Kevin and he was juggling work and a toddler.  They don't schedule photo shoot times and just show up to do them.  So I compromised and took care of the pictures by myself.  Luckily, my photographer does a newborn session in the hospital and in her studio so stay tuned for the newborn studio pictures with big sister in them.  I'm using those for his baby announcements so I'll share them once I've mailed them out.

I LOVE that these pictures capture the fresh baby stage, document his little tongue out like a puppy and his baby mohawk.  We're hoping he'll love his puppy a much as Olive loves her bunny.  She picked it out for him to give to him at the hospital.  It's too early to know if he'll love it, but you can't go wrong with any of the Jellycat animals.  Fletcher is six weeks old now and I just love seeing these "tiny" baby pictures.  Although I'm not sure he was ever considered tiny :)

 We had to be careful with him in this basket.  He kept kicking his legs and almost launched himself out.  The photographer couldn't believe how strong he was for a newborn.

It's hard for me to pick favorite shots.  They're all so sweet and there's something I love about each one.  I also had copies in black and white, but I loved the bright colors of the colored shots.  I put my favorite pictures as the first one shown in each pose.  Which one is your favorite picture??

Happy six weeks little man!!
We sure are lucky to have you in our family.

Olive's newborn pictures for comparison :)


  1. These pictures are precious! I love all of them but especially the last one :-)

  2. Oh so sweet, those last ones with the bunting and the blue Fletcher blanket may be my favorites. He is precious.

  3. I love the ones laying on the Fletcher blanket. He looks so much like you! All of these are just precious and he has really grown in 6 short weeks.

  4. This is too precious! Him and Olive look a lot alike, I think.

  5. These are so cute. I love that you incorporated his name!

  6. SO cute! Something about soft wrinkly little new baby back skin makes me feel all mushy inside <3 Our hospital does newborn pics too and I'm so glad we sprung for it both times, it's a crazy time and I love having the sweet newness captured!

  7. I think my favorite is the first one of him in the gray outfit. Does he favor Olive in that one? I feel like I see a little of her in that one. They are ALL precious!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  8. Oh that blanket is just darling! Welcome back to the blogging world - I bet it was nice to have a little break and lots of snuggles!

  9. These are amazing hospital pictures! They're all so cute but I love the ones in the blanket! He is such a cutie pie!

  10. These are the best! We've never gotten then hospital shots, but this makes me wish we had.


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