Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Princess Olive Turns 3 Party

Olive's birthday is on the 29th so we headed down to celebrate with our families over the weekend.  We both have big families so we always do a lunch party with one side and a dinner party with the other side.  It seems like less work to do two smaller parties because both of our moms and families help out and we appreciate smaller gatherings so we can visit with everyone.  It was Fletcher's first visit to our hometown to meet extended family.

We had a great time and Princess Olive was in princess heaven!  She was so pleased with the pink and purple decorations, all of the family and friends and was thrilled to have a party in her honor.  Three is the first birthday party that she's really gotten excited about.  I loved planning it and asking for her input on things.  Her purple princess party was a lot of fun to put together. 

I picked up fresh flowers (carnations, roses and tulips) from Walmart and then my mom snipped some gorgeous peonies from her yard.  They made the prettiest bouquets.

 Our menu was comprised of two things - Olive's favorite foods + easy things to prepare because we got in town about 90 minutes before the party started.

I made food labels that included the characters from Sofia and the food name.  This was probably Olive's favorite part of the food.  She kept wanting to name all the characters.

Each place setting looked like this:
napkins, cups and straws all came from
 My sister made cupcakes, I made cookies and we served ice cream.

 We continued our tradition of having guests sign Olive's birthday book.  We picked Purplicious by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann.  She loves Pinkalicious so I knew she's love this one and it went with her purple theme.  We have so much fun going back and reading her birthday books.  She wants to compare her hand size and wants me to read all the messages from her guests.

 I found these crowns at Wal-Mart for the little girls to wear and then we gave out favor bags with amulets, bracelets, a wand and Olive's favorite treats.

 It was fun to celebrate Olive with our family.

 Three years have flown by!
I found Olive's Sofia outfit at and it was darling!!
She was really happy with it.

Fletcher got to meet the rest of the family and enjoy some snuggles.

 Mimi & Papaw were nice to host her party for us.

Cute cousins and friends wearing purple for the party :)

 Opening gifts was fun.  Olive was excited about each one and it was the first time she realized she should keep opening the gifts without stopping.  She used to open a gift and then want to play with it immediately. 

Baby brother wasn't sure what to think about the gift opening.

 There are 9 grand kids on my side.
Here's our first group picture of the whole crew.
Fletcher was hangry and wasn't feeling it.


  1. What a fun, fabulous Sofia the First party!! All of the food looks SO delicious and I love all of your special decorating touches!! It is evident Olive is one loved little girl- it is such a blessing to be a part of big extended family!!

  2. What a special time! Olive's face says it all :-) Good job, Mama!

  3. Oh what a fun time! Everything looks so great and very impressive since you had to travel there. The picture with all the cousins is too funny. Poor Fletcher didn't know what was going on. Did Olive end up with a balance bike? I am still on the fence about getting one.

  4. So, so cute! I love the fresh flowers and the sprinkles on the cookies!

  5. What a fun party. You did so good Whitney. All of the little touches really made it an event to remember. We have been HUGE fans of the Pinkalicious series for years now! Marissa became obsessed when she was just a little bit older than Olive. My MIL even knit her a pink cupcake :). Just a few more days and she really will be 3. Boy does time pass quickly.

  6. Love! I love a good party share and this was great decor and details! You nailed it mama, lucky Olive- all of her favorite things!

  7. What a fun party! I'm impressed. I REALLY hope by January Hattie gets a little girlier and then we can have a fun girlie party! For now, I'm thinking it's going to be rough and tumble and worms and lizards! I'll have to bug you for planning tips!

  8. I love the idea of a birthday book!!! That is so fun to look back on. Looks like the sweet princess had an AWESOME celebration!

  9. This is so cute and impressive for pulling it together so quickly! :)

  10. What a sweet party! You did a great job pulling it all together - and transporting it to another town. I love that you were able to find so much from Walmart in store and online. I'm keeping that in mind for my next party planning event!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  11. This party looks just perfect and like so much fun. You are such a great Mama, Whitney!

  12. I love this theme and how simple it was to go big based on her love of purple. I may throw this Connor's way and see what he says.

  13. So cute! The Sofia food name cards--I love them!

  14. This is so perfect! I love all the princess themes and that everyone wrote in a book for her!

  15. This is so perfect! I love all the princess themes and that everyone wrote in a book for her!

  16. Happy birthday to Olive. Looks like she had a nice party. Love the birthday book idea.


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