Monday, August 3, 2020

Best Gift Wrap for $1

Do you shop at Dollar Tree?? 

I would say I go to my local store every 1-2 months.  My trips increase when we enter birthday season (my kids have March, April & May birthdays) or when the holidays come around.  I'm always surprised at the things I can find there.

My favorite finds are thank you notes, greeting cards, party supplies, holiday fun, fairy garden supplies, candy and wrapping paper.

Today I'm going to focus on wrapping paper.

You might be surprised at the adorable $1 options!!

I picked up these darling wrapping paper rolls for Olive's birthday.  Aren't they so cute?!?  I've used Dollar Tree wrapping paper for table runners and in place of a table cloth at events as well as using the paper to wrap gifts.  It's great and so affordable.  The paper is on the thin side so if you need really thick, durable paper, I would not recommend this. 

For my own kids, I love to buy these curly ribbon bow clusters and reuse them.  They're either $1 each or two for $1.  The kids do not notice that I reuse bows just enjoy the fun topper on their gifts.

Recently Dollar Tree added these guide lines to the back of their paper to make cutting the paper super simple.  It's a fun feature that used to only be reserved for higher end paper.

I asked my sister to join in the fun for this post.  She found some really sweet panda wrapping paper recently.  The pandas have glittery features and it looks like really fancy paper. 

Isn't it so cute!?!  Along with her cute girls ready to go to a birthday party.

Have you purchased Dollar Tree wrapping paper before?


  1. Yes! Dollar tree girl, here! Their patterns are super cute. I either buy my wrapping paper there (or on Christmas clearance at Target)!

  2. Very cute! I also like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods for their wrapping paper. Not a $1, but still reasonable for great quality.

  3. I love Dollar Tree for party supplies - gift wrap, tissue paper, and balloons are all Dollar Tree favorites.

  4. Fun patterns! I also pick it up at TJ Maxx for $3! but this is just as cute!

  5. Love DT gift wrapping section! I love their wrapping paper designs but they are SO THIN! but I was thinking I could just double wrap it..still a significant savings over other stores.

    Btw, 1st time commented but have followed you since you were pregnant with Fletcher. I love that you keep it REAL..

  6. I love Dollar Tree! I’m never disappointed when I leave there. Such fun finds! The wrapping paper is darling.


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