Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Pulled Pork Burrito Bowls & Quesadillas

I have a really delicious recipe to share with you today.  It's an old recipe that I revamped for my family last week.  I started making this pulled pork when we lived in Utah.  It's reminiscent of Cafe Rio's pulled pork if you're familiar with that restaurant.  It's been a bit since I've shared a detailed recipe with you.  My whole family enjoyed this and Kevin requested it be a regular on our dinner rotation.

This is the easiest crockpot recipe that can be used so many ways - burrito bowls, quesadillas, tacos or eaten plain.  It's delicious!  The meal feels very fancy and is really easy to put together.  I could eat this every week.


Pulled Pork Ingredients:

3-4lbs pork tenderloin

1 2 liter of Coke

1 c brown sugar

2T bacon grease

1/2 c mild salsa

salt and pepper

Directions: Cook pork tenderloin in coke for 6 hours.  Drain and shred the meat.  Then mix all of the remaining ingredients into the cleaned out crock pot until they're well combined.  Add back in the shredded meat and let heat up together for another hour.  It's ready to serve!  

The meat reheats really well so it's the perfect meal to cook once and eat 2-3 times.


Burrito Bowl Toppings:

The adults love the burrito bowls and the kids preferred their ingredients separate.

Lime rice (white rice cooked with the zest and juice of one lemon or lime) 

shredded cheddar

black beans


finely shredded lettuce



sour cream


tortilla chips

Homemade pico (finely chop Roma tomatoes, yellow, purple and green onions, salt and pepper and the juice of a lime)


Pulled Pork, cheese, tortilla shells.

Serve with guac, lettuce, black bean hummus or salsa.

*Make your life easier and use your pizza cutter to cut up your quesadillas.  The kids and adults loved these.

Have you tried this Lantana Black Bean Hummus??  It's SO GOOD!  I love it with tortilla chips, sweet peppers, with tacos, on nachos, etc.

Would your friends or family enjoy this recipe??  Share it with them or make it for them!


  1. This looks DELICIOUS!!! We love love love cafe rio! Oh I miss that place. I’ll have to try this!

  2. I use the pizza cutter to cut so much stuff-especially pancakes!


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