Wednesday, August 12, 2020

FREE Organizing Jars

I often see these posts offering the best organizing containers and they're usually pretty pricey.  The social media personality usually claims they're great organizers and offers affiliate links to shop.  Today, I'm going to share with you a really fun way to organize things around your kitchen, pantry and house without having to spend any extra money.  Yay!

I love organizers of all kinds, but I don't love paying lots of money for systems or brand name items.  My friend Alison got me thinking about this earlier this year and Kate from @naptimekitchen often repurposes free things around her house to help her organize.

I'm really excited to share a FREE organizing system with you today.  Many of you mentioned to me that you'd love to see more organizing posts from me in the coming year.  Yes, please!  That is one of my favorite topics.

Organizing Jars.  This system is so simple and won't cost you anything extra at the store.  Just buy the items you'll use and keep an eye out for great GLASS jars.  

I'll show you my favorites - they've got good lines, plain lids and the labels come off perfectly.  I have repurposed them all over my house.  They're great containers and I love that I've found a free system to keep things organized.

Let me give you a little jar tour around my house.  

 I use glass jars to hold everything from extra spices, chia seeds or flax seed (or anything I buy in bulk), chopped Butterfingers, pickled onions, yeast and tons of craft supplies.  I even keep leftovers stored in some of the larger glass jars instead of buying more expensive Pyrex containers for leftovers.  These are fun to use when you're taking meals to a friend.  The smaller jars are great for sauces, dressings and the larger jars are great for soups or sides.  These jars work for everything!

These are my favorite jars - they're green olive jars from Walmart or Meijer.  Their lids are gold with no printing or labels.  The Great Value brand label peels right off.

Atlas jars are great square jars and you can find them with pizza sauce or pasta sauce in them.  I currently use one as my grease jar in the fridge. 

Jam jars are always cute and fun to save.
Another square pasta sauce jar works great for housing water beads.

We go through a lot of pickles and green olives.  This pickle jar has been great for leftovers or for snacks when you've got half a package left and need to keep the cookies fresh.


Can you think of any ways you could save and use jars around your house for some FREE organization??


  1. I love this post!! I often reuse jars in the kitchen, most commonly for making fermented foods, but it hadn’t occurred to me to repurpose them for other things, like craft supplies! GENIUS idea!

  2. I love reusing jars! The Pioneer Woman sauce jars are the cutest.


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