Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a nice week.  I know there's a lot going on in the country right now, but I'm hoping you were able to find some highlights in your week in spite of the hard things.

I put together this post and then hesitated a bit.  It's a very normal post.  A very regular week.  It was a really nice week even though we didn't do anything super exciting so I'm moving forward and sharing our Friday Faves.  

 I'm thankful for the normal week and all the sweet moments at our house.

Friday Faves //

Kevin's started regularly picking me up some grocery store flowers.  I never know when to expect them and he always surprises me with the color and variety.  I think these alstroemeria are my favorites yet.  Isn't the magenta color so pretty!?!  They've been making me smile all week long.

I got voted in as president of my local moms group for a second term and I love it.  I really enjoy organizing and planning events for the 130 families in our group to enjoy.  Many things are different right now, but I'm working hard with the board to make sure we are still offering fun things for our moms.  We had our first in person meeting since March this week.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  We met outside, distanced, had hand sanitizers, bug spray and popsicles for everyone.  We all agreed that it was the highlight of our week.  We all left with big smiles and happy hearts.  It was a good reminder that even with all the COVID craziness, we can get creative to see our people.


I have signed the kids up for various online art classes through our library this Summer.  They love it and it's a really fun way for them to get to do art at home.  They painted these cat pictures earlier in the Summer and then opted to do a free choice painting this month.  Olive is very hands on and has big ideas about her art.  She wants almost zero help and always gets her hands dirty.  She LOVES art.  I really love these paintings so we hung them in our playroom.  I got smart and tried the velcro strips from Command and they're so amazing.  Hanging the art was really easy.  I'll definitely be using these strips again all over my house.

 School has been going well.  We've got our set up down and are getting more familiar with expectations.  Both kids have a desk, a book nook and are already making progress.  Olive is starting to reach for chapter books and Fletcher has mastered that pesky lower case e.

We swung through the drive thru at Baskin Robins for Family Night on Tuesday.  Kid scoops are $1.29 and Regular scoops are $1.69.  Our total came to $6.44 and was a really yummy treat for all of us.

Leo has been having trouble staying asleep from 9:00 to midnight for the past few weeks.  I'm trying to take advantage of the extra snuggles and late night hang outs.

And I'll wrap up with some cute kid moments - Leo is loving to jump and stand in several of his baby toys, he's rolling everywhere, getting stuck in funny places and is eager to move.  The big kids have been having fun playing together and we've been enjoying just being together.  Olive is such a helpful big sister.

Olive came home from school, grabbed the baby and said, "We've got some snuggles to catch up on!"  She also told me this week that Leo is the most loved person in our family.  Everyone adores him.

We were cracking up because Leo rolled all over the playroom and knocked down three towers in no time.  We had no idea he could be so destructive in the blink of an eye.  Fletcher thought it was funny and then suggested we buy a baby cage.  ha!

Going to school every other day has its perks.  Sleeping in and slow mornings in your pjs are the best.  Although Olive reminds me regularly that she'd rather be at school on her days at home.  I love that she loves school so much.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I had the same feeling about my month in review post today - there wasn't anything amazing or riveting - but I came to the same conclusion and posted it anyway. :) And Baskin Robbins for the whole family is definitely worth sharing! :) All of ours closed several years ago and I miss that ice cream so much! I'm glad that you were able to get together with your mom's group, and I know you'll come up with some great ideas for the year! <3

  2. What a sweet post! You are such a positive person, Whitney, always looking for the good in your days :) Love your kiddos’ love for each other and how O&F adore little Leo! In the pic of you holding him he looks so much like you! And sign me up for B&R family night! I need to see if this happens in our area...😁 Have a great weekend!

  3. You are the perfect person to be president of your moms group! :)

  4. Love the kids artwork gallery wall. I have a gallery wall in my craft room of my kids art work and it's priceless to me.

  5. Everyday life highlights are always my favorite posts, and we all need a little normal in our lives right now. Way to go on leading your mom's group! We discovered command strips when we were in the rental house overseas and didn't want to mess up the walls. They are incredible. We used them in Grace's room to hang up hooks for her towel etc. Genius! Have a good weekend.

  6. What a wonderful way to wrap up a post!! Those are such cute photos.


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