Monday, August 10, 2020

Weekend Rewind

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your sweet messages, emails and texts about my surgery and hard week last week.  It means the world to me.  It was a really exhausting week, but as with most things, given some time, we are starting to see the blessings in our circumstances.

We went on a short road trip to our hometown to see a specialist on Friday.  My sister kept the kids and Kevin went to the appointment with me.  My new doctor was wonderful.  He was very confident in my diagnosis, care and surgery plan moving forward.  We heard he's the best in the area and he lived up to the hype.  I'll be having surgery with him sometime later this month.  And while I'm not thrilled for a 3rd surgery this year, I am very thankful to have his expertise on my side.

We spent a coupe days with family and then zoomed back home.

We headed down to the river for a walk.  Leo was extra clingy after a road trip and a couple hours away from mom.  Look at all that fuzzy new hair coming in!

We looked through some baby pictures at my parent's house.  Baby Whitney below looks a lot like Baby Leo :)  And it looks like I found proof that I've always loved polka-dots and floral prints!

 A few more fun pictures from walking by The Ohio River.  We walked, Olive found four leaf clovers, watched boats go by and picked up pizza for dinner.

Nerf guns are life for Fletcher right now.  He traveled with one and it barely left his sight.

My MIL's flowers were gorgeous!!
Slow mornings and snuggles.
Handsome boys!
The ice cream truck came through our neighborhood on Sunday.

Hope you had a nice weekend :)


  1. So fun to see the picture of baby Whitney! Obviously I haven’t met your kids in person, but I have always thought Olive looks like you, and Leo looks like you, and he certainly looks like your baby picture! I’m glad you got some downtime w family after your doctor’a appointment. That is the best. And your mother-in-law’s flowers are beautiful! Do you happen to know what they are? Have a great week!

  2. AWE! look at you as a baby! So CUTE! Leo is just adorable and getting so BIG!

  3. Adorable pics!!! Praying for you and your surgery ❤️


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