Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a nice week.  We're gearing up for back to school (next week!!), having fun doing crafts together, trying new recipes, doing regular things around the house and doing our best to focus on the positives during these uncertain times.

I took a rapid COVID test on Wednesday because... I am having surgery on Monday out of town.  The COVID test was super quick, curbside and no big deal really.  I'm so glad to get a negative result so I can continue on with our plan for surgery.  I'd REALLY appreciate your prayers for everything to go smoothly for me and my family.  I'm trying to focus on all the positives (I am really thankful for my doctor and that he got me onto his schedule quickly) and not let the worries or unknowns get to me.  I'm working ahead to try and make things easy for my parents who are coming to stay with the kids and for myself as I'm recovering at home.  Both Kevin and Olive head back to school next week so, if you think of me or my family, please send prayers, well wishes and lots of happy thoughts our way!

Favorite parts of our week were:

Leo turned 4 months old!  He's so sweet and so loved!  Isn't he so cute in overalls??

He recently discovered his toes (one of my very favorite baby milestones) and has a lot to say every day.

I finally took the plunge and ordered a stack of personalized bracelets from my favorite shop - ADV Designs.  The earring lady that I recommend ALL the has branched out to make darling bracelets.  You can find her bracelets listed in her etsy shop - ADV Designs.  They're HALF OFF right now and only $6 each.  I just love this stack with all my kid's names on it.  The wooden beads are each unique and the bracelets are great quality.  There are lots of options - black beads, wooden beads, personalized and not.  Wouldn't this be a fun gift for a lady, mom, grandma or friend in your life??


 The cats say hello.  Topher is finally feeling better.  They've been extra snuggly this week.  I am jealous of all their napping.

Our sunsets have been so pretty!  We call them cotton candy clouds and we have caught some lovely views from our backyard this Summer.  The kids love running out in their pjs to check it out and watch the lightning bugs come out.  We've been going on bike rides and enjoying the view.

Leo is in the midst of a bit of a sleep regression.  He's not thrilled about bedtime, taking cat naps vs real naps during the day and he doesn't seem to mind one bit.  He must like the alone time with mom and dad in the evenings from 9-11pmish.  He's getting so big.  We'll just let it slide, snuggle him a little more and I'm sure he'll be back to sleeping like normal soon.

The clouds have been really puffy and fun lately.  The corn has also been delish in the Midwest this Summer.

Our hummingbirds and butterflies have been very busy.  We have had lots of fun watching them fight over the feeders on our kitchen window.

Leo had his 4 month well check.  He's the sweetest butterball.  He's growing, gaining weight and hitting all the milestones.  We're super thankful for a sweet healthy baby.

We went through the drive thru at our favorite donut shot - Square Donuts.  Lemon for me.  Square for Olive and cake donut for Fletcher.

Glimpse into real life.  Me trying to get some work done while holding the baby.  Big kids having a picnic lunch.  Art, fort building supplies and lots of baby gear nearby.

Dot's PSA.  Avoid the Southwest Style Dot's pretzels.  They are not good.  Kevin bought them on accident and yuck.  They taste like they're coated heavily in taco seasoning and are spicy.  It's like you opened a pouch of taco seasoning and took a big lick.  Stick to the Dot's Homestyle Pretzels for sure!!


Hope you have a good weekend!  I'll be enjoying the time with my family, prepping for surgery and look forward to coming back next week to give you a great update on how everything went.  Hugs to you!

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  1. Whitney, I will be praying for you!! Sooo glad your covid test came back negative. That’s a relief! So glad you had a great week - love your bracelets, and your mask too! Is that an Etsy find? So glad Leo’s check up went great!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery and the best of health as you face another surgery. My husband and I were just having a debate about those pretzels; he wanted to try the southwest ones and I literally said I bet they taste like taco seasoning. I told him he could buy a small bag if he wanted but I was sticking to the traditional ones.

  3. I will be sending positive vibes and prayers your way this week! Hope the new school year is a great one for each of you! My school started back two weeks ago. So great to see the kids, even though it's been quite challenging to keep up with virtual and on site teaching! :). You've got this!

  4. Praying for you on Monday for a successful surgery and a quick recovery!

  5. Please tell your dad that I am very proud of him, and that I personally thank him for serving his country and his fellow man in a job that can sometimes be very difficult, not to mention dangerous. He has put his life on the line for us and deserves to be called a hero!
    Jacki G.


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