Monday, August 24, 2020

Back to School Highlights

We have officially been back to school for one week and I am SO thankful that both Kevin and Olive have in person learning options right now.  Fletcher's PreK program has been delayed until October.  

In our district we had the option to choose - traditional in person learning with an AB rotating day schedule, hybrid with the first 9 weeks of school at home and then return to school and all virtual for the year.  We picked the in person option and she goes every other day along with half of her class.  She gets sent home with assignments for the following day.  It's been great so far and she's thrilled to return to school.  I'm super thankful for brave administrators that spent their summer figuring out how to get the kids back to school and praying that the schools can stay open.

The social interaction  learning from peers, interacting with teachers, in person instruction and being outside of the house is so important.  Yes, they're having to wear masks when distancing isn't possible, but we're all staying optimistic and positive about the 2020 school year.  We drive home the fact that we are not afraid of COVID, rather we are doing regular things to stay healthy - balanced diet, exercise, playing outside, social interaction, good hand washing, etc.  

I was so thankful to be there for Olive's first day of school.  She was a tiny bit nervous, but being in 2nd grade, she felt really confident hopping out of the car that morning.

We did some of our usual back to school traditions and scrapped others.  We shopped for school supplies, new clothes, had some fun treats, snapped pictures and made back to school bracelets.

I never got around to coming up with a fun theme for the year, decorating our house for going back to school or doing a big back to school dinner.  And you know what - no one noticed!  Hahaha.  It was good to scale things back a bit given our crazy last few weeks.

Fun Facts about 2nd Grade Olive:

-She picked out her own outfit from head to toe.

-I did her hair 3 different ways before she settled on this one.

-She's letting her hair grow out.

-Unicorns are still the coolest.

-The girl who spent many years of her life throwing fits about tennis shoes happily picked out tennis shoes as her first day shoes because recess - duh?!?

-She got the teacher she was hoping for and started a girls club with all the girls in her class.  They're all new friends for her this year and she is president of the club.  

-We are so proud of her!  

 Kevin's 6th year at ISU

 Leo won"t know what to think when both kids head off to school and the house is quiet. 

What are your kids doing for school this year??  


  1. That last picture with Leo is so cute, and Olive looks ready to face the world at school. The AB option sounds so good. Approximately 50% of the students at our high school chose the virtual option, so when (if) Jack goes back after labor day it should be a lighter crowd in the halls. We are still hopeful he will be able to go back in person! I'm with you on scaling back the traditions. With just one at home now and him being a boy who doesn't get excited about cutesy things, just having a decorated cookie to celebrate the new year and the breakfast for dinner were perfect. Have a good week!

  2. Wow, I can't believe it's Kevin's 6th year at ISU. Time sure flies! I do not envy anyone who has to deal with school decisions and changes this year - I'm glad things are going well for you all so far! Olive is so cute and grown up!

  3. Our kids are doing a hybrid model too, 2 days in school and 3 days distance learning. They don’t start until mid September though. Kindergarten, second and fourth grades! Hope your family has a great school year!

  4. I hope she has a great year in 2nd grade! My sweet Miss A was a 2nd grader last year and she had the very best teacher I can ever imagine for her. For us this year will be virtual. Our district is going 100% virtual for the first 5 weeks and they will reevaluate after that. That being said, we will stay virtual around here. My health can't risk the normal germs they bring home from school (COVID aside). I just finished chemotherapy last week (Praise GOD!) and hopefully have a surgery coming up soon, followed by 6+ weeks of radiation. We've got the front room all set up as a school room for all 3 kids; I just got everyone's schedule for virtual learning (all day Zoom meetings for 1st, 3rd and 6th grades), different "break" times and lunch times for each kid, different daily start times and end times for each kid. Jesus take the wheel!


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