Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine Treats for Everyone

We've got some fun Valentine's Day plans coming up this week.  Olive has a class party, we're making treats for our friends & neighbors and then we'll do a fun heart themed dinner at home on the 14th. 

What Valentine's Day plans do you have for the week?? 

Are you baking?  Making reservations? 

Sending valentines or hoping to receive some??

// Teacher Treats //
Olive's teachers are getting these cute XOXO hand towels, tissues and my very favorite Aldi caramels.  They're Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and they're heavenly.  Did I mention they're under $3??  We'll also do a handwritten note to let her teachers know something we love about them.

// Sweet Treats //
My baking drawer is stocked for Valentine's Day.  We add sprinkles to our favorite cookies or make Valentine's Day Funfetti.  We had some of Olive's friends over last week to do some sprinkle cookies and play.  They each picked a sprinkle and were in charge of dipping the cookies in them before they were baked.

// Cinnamon Roll Treats //
Kevin would love it if I surprised him with some homemade cinnamon roll treats this week. 
You can find my recipe and directions here.

// Pretzel Rod Treats //
This sweet and salty combo is my favorite.  I made these pretzel rods for Kevin's coworkers a few years ago and they always turn out so pretty.  I even wrapped some with caramel before dipping them.

// Love Notes //
I'm going to write out things I love about everyone in my family and attack their bedroom doors with love messages.

// Lunch Treats //
I did a heart themed lunch for Olive last week and will do the same this week.  She loved it and it was easy to cut her favorite foods into hearts.

// Dark Chocolate Treats //
These are such pretty treats to whip up.  You can find my recipe & directions here.  I'd love to make them to give out again this year.

// Strawberry Pie Treat //
Cut your strawberries into hearts and make a delicious pie!

Hope you have some fun plans to share lots of LOVE this week :)


  1. SO CUTE! I usually make a fancy dinner and a cookie cake for dessert bc its the kids favorite!

  2. I kicked off the week with a batch of double chocolate chip cookies that are delicious! I was 100% humidity when I baked them, so they came out SOOO flat, but that doesn't bother Paul. LOL. I've been trying to think of something sweet I could take to work, but I usually end up bringing home almost all of whatever I take in. People usually say they're on a diet (which I respect) or diabetic (even though I saw him eat 2 doughnuts earlier that day...) or whatever else, so it's not worth the trouble. :) I love the gifts you put together for the teachers - something to eat, something to keep! <3

  3. We will get our traditional "Heart-baker" heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and exchange cards. I have a few fun things for the kids but it's more just a fun evening together at home :) xoxo ERIN

  4. You are so organized. I meant to do heart cookies for valentine's but I never got around to doing it. The only thing we are doing for Valentine's Day is making cards for her preschool friends.

  5. All I can say is...seriously....'HOLY GOD'.
    My eyes just exploded!

  6. Everything looks delicious. This post is making me hungry. Cute ideas!


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