Monday, February 26, 2018

Favorites: Aldi, Kroger, Sams & Walmart

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  It was RAINY in Indiana so went spent a lot of time inside.  We had friends over for dinner and worked on some things around the house.  It was the perfect ending to a busy week.

Today I'm going to talk to you about my favorite products from my favorite stores.  I'm not loyal to one grocery store.  I just tend to buy things my family loves wherever we find a good deal.  You know that I love a good deal and I love sharing them with you!  I'm excited to tell you about some of our favorite products at stores we frequent in the hopes you'll find something you love, too.  Enjoy!!

I am always finding new products I love at Aldi.  It's easy.  The only thing I rarely buy is their meat.  I'll buy chicken or turkey sausages, but have yet to try their red meats or lunch meats.

Tortilla Chips and Pretzel sticks are staples at our house.  My family goes through a ton of them.  These Restaurant style chips are $0.89 and the pretzels are $0.79 a bag.  That's an amazing savings from the name brands.  My family loves them.

We enjoy all of these products and they're cheap!
Southwest Guac $2.99
Frozen Pizza $2.29
Fruit pouches $1.89 for four (they have really fun flavors)
Granola $1.99 (tons of different varieties)
Cheese Cubes $1.99
This was such a yummy guacamole!!

Aldi diapers are amazing!  They run small so size up.  A whole box only costs $10.89.  I love how well they wear, how absorbent they are and the price is amazing.

Their holiday plates & napkins are just $1.79 each.  I stocked up on football plates and napkins for the Superbowl and am saving the extras for tailgating this fall.

Toilet paper is just $6.99 for this big pack and it's really great!

Hummus is $1.79 and yummy!  They offer a lots of different flavors.

We love their string cheese for $2.79 and block of cheese for $1.79

Chicken sausages are $2.99 and delicious.

The chicken sausage is great with this jambalaya mix.  We've also grilled them, fried them and added them to mixes.  They're delicious.

We love their flax seed for smoothies and for those Protein balls I mentioned last week.  It's just $2.19 a bag!  Fletcher loves the cereal bars and they're under $2 a box.

Any store:
My kids love lemonade so this is a fun, cheap option on the go.  This Crystal Light flavor is really good.  It was $3.99 and they just use a tiny bit in their water.  That means one bottle lasts for a very long time!

A friend recently had us over for dinner and I complimented her delicious bread.  I thought it was homemade.  She said it was a Kroger treasure!  You buy the loaves like this, bake it and add butter.  Tastes just like a fancy, homemade bread and it's around $3 a loaf.  I buy it for us to eat at home and add it to any meal I'm delivering to friends.  Both of these were delicious.  You find them in the bakery section and can freeze them.  They were on sale 2 for $6 so I stocked up.

I always look for clearance spinach when I'm at the store.  My kids love it in smoothies and I love it for my salads.  I bag it up and freeze it for smoothies.  One handful per bag.  It freezes great and lasts longer than any other fresh lettuce.

We love their chicken meatballs.  They had a cranberry version around Christmas time and have this Teriyaki Pineapple one right now.  They come in two separate packages for around $12.  It's easily two dinners with leftovers.  We serve this with rice and grilled pineapple.  They're delicious!  They are also fully cooked so you just have to heat them or brown them on the stove top.  They'd be a great appetizer or a full dinner.

These wire baskets are still on clearance and are great!  I've currently got them in my pantry for chocolate chips, bags of sugar, in my linen closet with make up and lotions, on my desk with note pads and pens, etc.  What a deal!

Walmart has some great frame options for cheap.  They have a whole section for $0.98 and bigger frames for $6 or less.  I got both of these ornate gold frames for $4 and $6.  They hang on the wall or sit on a table.  They are not super tough quality so they're best for sitting on a shelf or hanging on wall.  If the frame is going to be handled a lot, these may not be the best option.

Now tell me what are you favorite things to buy at these stores!!


  1. What great finds! I really do need to go to Aldi more! :)

  2. Love those baskets!! Could you show some photos of what you used them for? Would love to get some ideas :)

  3. I won't ever use any other diapers again, Aldi's for the win and the price is insane!!! I also love their plain old guac. We love all the Walmart brand chips and their $1 French bread is great too! xoxo ERIN


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