Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine Highlights

Happy Friday!  It's been a mostly fun Valentine's filled week at our house.  We kept busy with lots of festive things and are excited for a long weekend ahead.

We all wore hearts on Valentine's day, but the day was filled with unexpected challenges.  Olive cried when I told her I wasn't helping with her class party, Kevin came home early from work sick, it rained all day, Fletcher lost puppy on campus when we were at Olive's swimming lessons so we had to back track to thankfully find him and our new dishwasher broke.  But, despite all the inconveniences, we had a nice day.  I kept refocusing us all on the happy moments of our day and we made it through just fine. 

Heart clothes x 3 made me happy :)

We were downtown one morning this week and stumbled upon a fire truck.  Fletcher LOVES fire trucks and he couldn't believe his eyes.  We stood by watching and the kind firemen waved us over to say hello.  The kids couldn't believe it and were excited to get so close.  The firemen surprised the kids with fire helmets and we were on cloud nine.  Such a fun, unexpected surprise!

Olive's valentine drawings make me so happy.  She's adding hair to her people and paying more attention to details like fingers.  She's also dotting her i with a big dot these days.

Our idea of a fun dinner is take out!  Kevin stopped to get us some chinese on his way home from work one night.  He's has my order memorized at our favorite spots so he can just pick up what I like and surprise me with dinner.  

The winter olympics have been so much fun!  We are loving cheering on team USA and acting like ice skaters in our spare time.  These two think slippers are ice skates :)  The snow boarding, skiing, ice skating and other snowy sports have been exciting to watch.

I made lots of heart shaped meals this week!!

Kevin requested his valentine from me come in the form of a cinnamon roll.  I made my usual Tiny Batch of Cinnamon Rolls recipe because it just makes 6 big cinnamon rolls.

I love decorating our home for the holidays and am ready to move on to St. Patrick's Day soon!

Bricks 4 Kidz has been such a fun thing for us!  We just love going to their classes and learning how to build things.  Olive built a heart in class and then came home to build hearts all week long.  We'd highly recommend their classes if you have one in your city.

Unicorn Valentines - (Yune-E-Corn says Olive)
We found these cute valentines at Target and Olive couldn't wait to give them to her friends.  Fletcher got a set with zoo animals.  They were so fun to assemble.  Olive wrote her name without complaint and helped me assemble each one.  She was so proud of them.  The highlight of her week was definitely passing out and receiving valentines from her friends.

Emoji Masks!  I picked up these masks back in the Fall on super clearance after Halloween.  They were less than $1 each and I knew they'd be perfect for Valentine's Day.  I was right.  The kids thought they were hilarious.  We've had so much fun with them this week.  The kids were excited to wake up to Valentine's day treats and gave a big CHEERS to their chocolates.

Kevin and I always exchange cards for V-day, anniversaries and birthdays.  We don't usually do gifts.  This year we both found the best cards.  They were so sweet.  I'll hang on to them forever.

Homemade heart pizza for dinner.  It was so good and the kids were impressed.  Win-win :)

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  1. Sorry to hear that your valentine's day had many challenges to it. I like that you made heart type lunch for the kids ( I have try with bread but never thought of doing something with fruit. I love your heart cardigan, where did you get that? Hope you had a fun weekend.

  2. Whitney! Reading your Friday posts always bring such a smile to my face!! I love how everything you do- big and small- is done with love and intention ❤️
    Hope Kevin is feeling better and ya’ll have a wonderful 3-day weekend!!😊

  3. Hope Kevin is feeling better! Your week looks so fun. Sorry to hear about the challenges on Valentine's Day. Did you get your dishwasher fixed? Jon was in trial for several days at the beginning of the week, so he wasn't getting home until at least 11 pm each night (trial prep is a killer). Fortunately we were still able to make a little Valentine's Day celebration happen, although barely! Makes me appreciate the normal schedule, ha!

  4. What a fun week filled with LOVE! So awesome that the firefighters had hats for the kids!

  5. I can always count on you for fun holiday foods! I didn't even think of a heart shaped pizza and I made pizzas on Wednesday.

  6. Darn it...some days seem to just spiral from one thing to the next but you always seem to put on a smile and find gratitude which I adore about you :). I love the emoji masks, my kids would love those too! And yay for a yummy pizza dinner to wrap up the day! xoxo ERIN

  7. Valentines Day is just so much fun with little kids!! Love the unicorn Valentines!

  8. Sorry your Valentine's day had so many challenges! Sometimes a bunch of little things is more frustrating than one big thing! Olive looks ready for her figure skating debut! Too cute! And your Valentine's day mantle is so pretty!

  9. I'm glad you were able to find some bright spots in your less than perfect Valentine's Day! Is Kevin still sick? I'm sure there are loads of germs around campus this time of year. So sorry to hear about your dishwasher - hope it's an easy and quick fix! I know you have a good stash of St. Patty's day decor, but I have seen some really cute things in the Target dollar spot already too. :) Wish we could meet up for a Target run!!

    Hope you're having a great start to the weekend!
    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  10. Those giant emoji's are just the best ever. Why in the world have I still not made your cinnamon rolls friend. I really, really need to fix that asap. Finding the bright spots in the midst of a rough day is always a little hard, but you did a great job friend. I hope this week has gone better for you.


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