Friday, February 2, 2018

The Highlights

Happy February, Friends!  I hope you've had a great week.  We were super busy and are excited for the weekend.  I'm hoping the ground hog saw his shadow and we have a little more winter coming.  I love wearing layers and hoping for another big snow before winter is done.  What about you??

The best parts of our week were:

1. House Projects
We crossed so many house projects off our to do list this week.  It felt really good!  Pictures got hung, things got done and I think my favorite project was the addition of striped curtains for the playroom!!  I've wanted striped curtains in my house for years and it finally happened.  They really finish the room and make it so cozy.  I'm very proud of Kevin for figuring all this stuff out.  The longer we're married the handier he gets :)

I love this combo of unicorn + vintage frame for Olive's bedroom.

Pillowfort Twill Light Blocking Curtains link -->
They're such nice curtains for a killer price!  They're lined, thick and really well made.  The stripes come in navy, gray, yellow, mint and lavender and they're on sale this week!  Click on the image below to see them.

French Pipe Curtain Rod Antique Pewter link -->
I had the hardest time finding a long curtain rod (10+ feet) that I loved and that wouldn't break the bank.  This curtain rod is gorgeous and so affordable.  It comes in an extra long length, different finishes, is very sturdy and looks amazing on the wall.  I'd highly recommend it.

Mounted Unicorn Head Wall Decor Pillowfort link -->
This is the sweetest addition to any kid's bedroom.  I love the look of it with a frame around it.

2. The Greatest Showman
I know, I know...  I'm LATE to The Greatest Showman party, but better late than never right??  I went to see it with a friend last night and it was AMAZING!  It exceeded all the hype and I want to see it again.  It was so fun to watch, surprisingly emotional and the music was wonderful.  The characters were perfectly cast and the whole movie was so compelling.  The costumes were stunning.  My cheeks hurt from smiling afterwards.  I'm not a huge musical fan and I loved it.  You really have got to see it on the big screen.  I've already purchased the soundtrack which I rarely do.  I can't even think of another soundtrack I own.  It's that good!

3. Oui French Style Yogurt
Have you tried this Oui yogurt yet?  My sister recommended it and I was excited to try it out.  So far I've tried the key lime, lemon and peach.  The packaging is darling.  I'd say if you like thick yogurt like greek yogurt you will probably be a fan.  I thought they tasted fine, but my favorite part about them were the little glass jars!  I think I'll buy a few more just for the jars.  I'll obviously eat the yogurt, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite yogurt.

4. Printing Pictures
One of my goals for the year is to actually print the pictures I take, update my frames, frame my favorite pictures with some new frames.  I'm loving decorating our home with my favorite faces.  I'm also hoping to give Chatbooks a try this year.  I think my kids would love flipping through them.  I found the geometric frames at TJ Maxx recently and the fancier gold frames are from Wal-Mart!  They were such a steal.

5. Surprise Date
Kevin has been extremely busy at work this semester with teaching, meetings, committees, advising, interviewing, etc.  So we've had to squeeze in date nights and fun times when we can.  He surprised me with our favorite McDonald's $0.99 sundaes on his way home from a dinner meeting late one night.  I appreciated the effort after a 12 hour day for both of us. We're also watching Arrested Development together which has been fun.

6. Kid Highlights
I love making lunches for my kids.  They get so excited when we have tray meals.  I usually just fill the tray with their favorites.  I changed things up this time and asked them to pick the items to fill their tray.  They LOVED picking out their favorites and telling me their order.  We do tray lunches about once a week.

7. We saw our new pediatrician this week and were so pleased!  I wasn't thrilled with our last one so the change was long overdue.  Olive got her shots for K and handled them like a champ.  She was stone faced about it and when it was all over she looked at the nurse and said, "That REALLY hurt!"  haha

Olive has been drawing snowmen like crazy lately.

The kids love to pretend they're on a mission to fly to the moon.  This night Olive told me they couldn't come to dinner because they were on their way to the moon.

8. Finding Selah
Finding Selah by Kristen Kill was fine.  It wasn't life changing or super interesting.  I found myself not wanting to pick it up and finish it or skimming chapters.  The idea of the book is great - the simple practice of peach when you need it most - but I found the book hard to connect to.  There are tons of music vocabulary and phrases.  I'm not a musical person so I found them distracting.  I liked the stories the author ties into the book, but found that she got in the habit of starting stories without finishing them.  I'd flip back to see if I missed the ending and it wasn't there.  The message of the book is one I wanted to get behind, but the book left me wanting more.  I appreciated her passion for finding true rest and enjoyed the sections that addressed that.  She did reference Bible stories, Bible passages and drew connections to rest from the Bible.  Those were my favorite parts.  However, I wouldn't recommend reading the book since I had a hard time connecting to the majority of the book.
*This book was gifted to me to review for Booklook Bloggers for my honest opinions.
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  1. I love the frame/unicorn in Olive's room. I am needing to switch out the curtains in the living room because they're green and don't match anything. The sundae look delicious. I was just telling Trey that I hadn't had any ice cream in a long time. We might have to make a stop this weekend. Have a great weekend!

  2. Aaaahhh!!! love, love, love the curtain addition too. The frame and the unicorn are a close second though. So fun to hear that Kevin is getting more and more handy as the years go by. One project at a time helps to gain confidence. Russ' secret is to watch Youtube videos when he is unsure ;). Can't even believe Miss Olive got her K shots. Where in the world is time going.

  3. LOVE those geometric frames!!! So sweet of your husband to bring home the surprise sundaes, its the little things <3 And I'd like one of those tray meals too please ;) Happy Friday!

  4. Hooray for such a productive week! That unicorn + vintage frame is too cute!!! I've yet to see The Greatest Showman, but really want to see it! So glad you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful first weekend of February!
    xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  5. I love the striped curtains. And your playrooms looks so nice and cozy!

  6. So many cute things in your post, you know I love stripes so those curtains are so darling! But I cannot get over the fact that I never knew you could nuts for your ice cream sundaes at McDonald's. Nuts make sundaes for me!!!! Day is made! xoxo ERIN

  7. LOVE the curtains! I haven't seen that movie but have heard amazing things about it!

  8. I had to read the first paragraph twice to make sure I read it right - I think you and I are the only two people who wished for MORE winter! :) LOL! Bring on the coziness and all the layers. Love your striped curtains and the fancy Walmart frames! McDonald's sundaes are so good. I haven't had one in a long time but they always hit the spot. Glad you were able to enjoy a little date night!


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