Friday, February 9, 2018

3 Things

Happy Friday!  Hope you had a nice week.  We were busy, tried hard to avoid germs when we were out and about and are very much looking forward to the weekend.

I thought I'd do a little 3 thigns update for you today to wrap up the week.  Let's check in with everyone for 3 things that they're currently up to, working on or would want you to know right now.

1. I've been decluttering the house like crazy.  I keep hearing about decluttering challenges so I had to make up my own.  Just this week I dropped off 8 bags to Goodwill, have thrown away at least 4 big bags of trash and have piles to take to the consignment shop.  It feels so good to be clearing out the clutter.  It's easier to organize and enjoy our home when it's not packed with too much stuff.

2. Stamps went up to $0.50 last month so I suddenly felt very motivated to switch all of our bills to auto pay, online pay or anything else I could do to avoid spending a stamp on a bill.  I'll still be sending my fair share of snail mail, but I'm not wasting money on stamps for bills anymore.

3. You won't find me complaining about the cold.  I love it.  I am super hot natured so give me all the chilly temps, scarves and layers this time of year.  I don't love bundling everyone up to head out the door, but it's definitely better than being all sweaty.  This blanket scarf pictured above is one of my favorite scarves right now.  Thanks, Old Navy.

1. He got a single cup coffee maker for Christmas.  Not the Keurig kind, the real deal kind for coffee connoisseurs.  It's called an Aero Press and he'd highly recommend it.  You grind your own coffee beans and make it in a funnel system right on top of your coffee cup.  Apparently coffee snobs (which Kevin happily calls himself) love it.

This is the Aero Press he has.  It's under $30 and he raves about it.
Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

2. He's counting down the days until his Spring Break in March.

3. Kevin always does our taxes.  He figures out all the forms, reads a million lines of boring information and I just sign on the line.  We're done with our taxes way in advance this year.

Olive {4.5 years old}
1. She wants to learn all the things.  She's taking swim lessons, starts a dance class next week, wishes kid yoga didn't conflict with her school schedule and is curious about how people learn to ice skate.  She's growing up so fast.  I find myself saying yes more often when she asks to ride the penny horse or do silly little things because I know it won't be long until she's too grown up for it.

2. She is very curious about spelling and sounds letters make.  Asks me to spell things all day long as she write it out.  Her longest phrase is Be Kind To Others :)  It's so fun to see her excited about learning.  She enjoys writing and doing art, but doesn't care one bit about being neat.  It's all about messy fun.

3. Olive only wants to wear dresses.  All other clothes are ignored.  Every night she picks out two dresses.  Then in the morning she will select her outfit from those choices.  She comes home from school to tell me which girls had beautiful dresses on and that she made sure to tell them they looked "berry beautiful".

Fletcher {22 months}
1. He carries a million toys around the house with him all day long.  He always wants to hold several more than he can so he's constantly dropping, fussing and trying to pick up all the toys.  He'd really love a fanny pack.  He loves the pirate hook and announces "I tappin hook" (I'm Captian Hook) proudly.

2. Fletcher changes so much every day.  He is learning new words all the time.  He's stringing phrases together and getting bossier by the day.  Olive loves teaching him new words, colors, etc.  He is always surprising us with new things to say.  My favorites... more more time (one more time), you too (his response to love you), MINE, lemonade, I too (when he wants to do something too) din din time (dinner time = any meal), goodnight sissy and explaining things like sissy kicked nose.  He's getting things for himself (which is why we always keep the pantry door closed) and he loves to do little jobs (cup in the sink, diaper in the trash can, pjs in the laundry basket, etc.)

3. He's outgrowing his 3T stuff, but not quite tall enough for 4T.  It's always tricky when kids have a growth spurt mid season.  I'm trying hard not to buy more winter clothes, but his shirts are all becoming belly shirts.

These two play their made up game of "Bucket Heads" all the time.  They head to the moon, wear my mixing bowls on their heads and sword fight.  It's hilarious even though I have to track down my mixing bowls reguarly.

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  1. We got an espresso maker and girlfriend, it get used daily! WE LOVE IT!
    And I had no clue that stamps went up! I actually need to get some soon.

  2. Hooray for de-cluttering, sounds like you are killing it! Your kids are just the cutest too :)

  3. Awesome for the decluttering; it’s such a good feel to give away and trash.

  4. Yay for decluttering! I love that cute heart dress!

  5. Great article about kids and homework! I enjoyed reading and look forward to checking our your other recommendations.

  6. Ugh we need to do our taxes. Last year we put them off and I don't want to do that again this year!! I have been decluttering too, it's a lot of work but I love the way the house is afterwards!

  7. Get Fletchy a little basket/bucket! Tell has several that he's claimed for himself now and piles them full of his little toys when it's time to get in car, go upstairs for naps/bed, etc.! In fact, I've decided that for his birthday, he doesn't need more toys. He just needs more containers to carry them in hah. I'll hit the dollar tree and we'll be golden : ) I'm d ying that he's outgrowing 3t! Tell is just starting 2t. My little chunky shrimp. We just had peds appointments on Friday and he's not even on the growth chart for height- I checked back through the blog and Lawter was 4 inches taller than him at this point... HA! Love these updates about you guys- your family is so sweet!


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