Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

I know lots of you are OVER winter, but I'm LOVING it.

Fall and winter clothes are my favorite.  I love wearing layers.  I thought I'd show you some of my outfits from the past few weeks to give you some winter outfit inspiration.

My favorite items right now are:
dark wash skinny jeans
floral tops
chambray tops
olive green vest/jacket/accessories
kate spade studs

You can usually find me wearing some combination of those above items. 

I try to branch out a bit, but at this point in my life, I know what I like :)

1. Matilda Jane
I didn't realize that MJ had a women's line of clothes until recently.  I saw this emerald green top and fell in love.  It was the perfect color and floral.  I was tempted to buy it at full price, but waited a few weeks for it to go on sale.  It's even prettier in person!  I love their dresses for Olive.  I'd highly recommend shopping their sales because you can get some great deals on really high quality clothing.  I also love that their things are unique and not everyone will own the same top as you.  I think their items run pretty TTS.  They're meant to be flowy so you could always size up, too.

Olive's dress - Target // rain boots - Meijer
She loves when we match (so do I) and I plan to keep it up until she thinks I'm embarrassing :)

2. Floral top + big earrings
I have loved these olive green Nickel & Suede earrings for years.  They're so light weight and so pretty.  I really need to order myself a new pair or two for Spring.

Top - TJ Maxx // skinnies - Old Navy // booties - Lucky

3. Scarves
I know scarves are a polarizing accessory... you either love them or hate them.  Just remember that you can add a pretty scarf to your outfit while you're on the go and then take it off once you get inside or get to work.  You don't have to wear it all day long unless it's comfy.

This bold plaid is one of my very favorites.  I found this blanket scarf on super clearance last year at Old Navy.  It coordinated perfectly with one of their flannels.  I just love this combo and have been wearing it on repeat.  I love mixing the plaids.

I love this stripe + leopard combo.  It's such an easy way to pattern mix.

4. Chambray
I wear this Old Navy chambray top all the time... with black leggings, skinny jeans, colored skinny jeans, etc.  It's great with a vest, with a cardigan, add a scarf or wear it by itself.  It washes and wears so nice.  And doesn't requiring ironing. 

 What is your go to outfit this time of year??


  1. It's so funny that you mention that people either love or hate scarves. I've officially moved from obsessed to get this thing off me! I don't know what it is but lately, I feel as if every single scarf is out to strangle me.

    And that first top? So pretty!

  2. Love scarves on other people but I am not an accessory person..Wish I were.You look great Whitney with your pretty scarves wrapped around your neck...Love your style...

  3. I'm with Stephanie. I used to wear scarves allll the time and now I can't deal with them!

  4. I love scarves. But they have to be light! HA.
    I love Chambray shirts. I wear mine all the time too.

  5. You look great, Mama! I love the first top especially- those are such pretty colors!

  6. You know I'm right there with you - fall and winter clothes are my favorite! Sadly I think we're done with winter here. Love all of your outfits - you rock statement earrings so well! I've been loving olive green with leopard lately too. Enjoy your cold weather! :)

  7. I always love scarves when I see other people wearing them but don't usually feel comfortable wearing them myself. You always look darling in yours!

  8. I always love your clothes, you have great taste. Floral shirts are my favorite too.

  9. I love that MJ top! I've never looked at their adult clothes - going to check it out now.

  10. I especially love that first top on you - so cute and love it heading into spring. I am ready for color around here!!! xoxo ERIN

  11. I need to get out of my leggings and boot slump. It's so easy when the weather is cold (which is like three months of the year here). I am on the hunt for some cute work tops!


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