Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

 The weather has been lovely lately in Mississippi - perfect temps for layering, no socks and no coats.  I'm soaking it in because I know it's going to be HOT here in no time.  I've been doing great with my fashion goals - wear a variety of accessories, change up my footwear, put together new outfits from things in my closet and curl my hair.

Here are my favorite outfits of the past week. 

1. Lunch Date
blazer, chambray top & pendant necklace - Old Navy (NEW)
 jeans - Old Navy
earrings - Francesca's
loafers - Target
bag - Dooney & Bourke

2.  Pattern Mixing
 or Quite Possibly the Cutest Shirt You Own says my hubby :)
sweater & collared shirt - Old Navy (NEW)
jeans - Old Navy
flats - Marshalls
earrings - Polka-Dotty Place etsy shop
necklace - Jackson Hole souvenir


  1. Love that blazer - I am a weirdo and sometimes blazers give me a headache. I wish I could wear them more often! You nailed the pattern mixing. How cute that Kevin loves your top, what a sweetie!

  2. It's so great that you are keeping up with your fashion goals. You really do look great! My favorites: the shirt in the second pic, the purse, the shoes in both, and the blazer. Love the curly hair also!

  3. The second one us such a cute layering combo! :)


  4. so GAP-tastic!!! <3 i have a few of those articles! As always, thanks for the GREAT inspiration.

  5. Love that blazer!! I'm a sucker for stripes. The checked shirt is a great touch with the sweater too. Wish I was in a no socks/no coat region right now. High today in VA is supposed to be 15!

    Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

  6. Adorable pattern to your top sweater and I love your accessories. Cute blog space Whitney!
    Rachel xo

  7. I love the chambray and striped blazer. I haven't figured out how to wear chambray except with black leggings. I always love you ideas!


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