Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five; it's Friday!

 I'm excited to kick off a 4 day weekend
with my highlights of the week!

1. I think these mailers are a sign
that I should be planning some sort of vacation.

2. I've started getting BABY mail this week!
 I also received a fun package for BABY J
 Awkward Story:
The post office man knocked on my door to deliver my package.
I opened the door and he said,
"Is there a BABY J that lives here?"
Awkward pause... "Yeah, uh that's for me."
"Okay?!?!" obviously thinking MY name was BABY J!!
I quickly shut the door opting not to further explain away the situation
I opened the box to find a note titled "Baby J Essentials"
and 8 wrapped gifts.  Yay for unwrapping unexpected gifts!!
The note had corresponding numbers explaining to this newbie mom 
why the wrapped items were baby must haves.
So fun!!  I don't have a.n.y. baby items so I was thrilled to get tips from my Sis 
about what I had to have in preparation for a little one.
Such a fun, thoughtful surprise!!

3. I got this 5 year journal for my birthday back in November
and decided I'd wait until the new year to start it.
It's up and running and I think it'll be fun to see 
how my answers/perspective changes over the next 5 years. 

4. I just discovered !
Have you ever heard of it??
My husband has had several work trips this month 
so I've enjoyed  tracking his flights to see where he's at while he's away.
You just need to know the airline, flight number and airports to track a flight.

 5. My goal is to work hard to learn how to use these two Christmas gifts.
1. A tripod & the timer on my camera
2. A curling wand
I'm a novice at both so it should be fun to figure them out.

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  1. Haha, I love "Is there a baby J that lives here?" Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm slightly embarrassed by my lack of wrapping skills with package 1~ Package 2 will be arriving around the start of your third trimester! ;)


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