Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five for Friday

I've been extra tired this week so the week has seemed to go by s-l-o-w-l-y.
I'm thrilled that glorious Friday has arrived.
No big plans for the weekend 
but lots of SNOW and chilly weather is in the forecast.

1. It's been cold in Utah, I mean really cold lately.
Topher decided to go to extraordinary measures to warm himself up.

 2. My husband bought me this magazine because he said,
"You and your favorite Princess Kate are both pregnant together!"
I do love Kate so I really enjoyed reading up on her and the royal babe.
Plus, I love sweet little surprises like this one.

3. I've been in the market for a new wallet for a while
and Marshalls had one that met all of my requirements.
Unique, roomy but not too bulky and chic.
 I love the studs and the $13 price tag.

4. On our last night home for the holidays,
we were able to pull off a dinner with our entire families.
Siblings, kiddos, parents... everyone!
This hasn't been done in a long time (like can't remember the last time it did)
so we were really thankful that we were able to make it happen.
We had a whole room to ourselves at a local pizza place
and it was one of our favorite moments of the whole break.

5.   I can't stop eating fruits & salads!!
I've consumed pineapples, fruit, spinach salads, veggies, etc.
Now I just need to head to Costco and stock up!
Guess baby likes to eat healthy things.

Happy weekend to you!!

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  1. It's good that baby likes healthy things!! Lucky you. I always craved bread. Bread and more bread. So crazy.

    Bundle up!!! It's been in the 60s here in NC. I'm afraid it might start getting colder though soon.


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