Monday, August 8, 2011

Quality Time

I was smiling like these goldfish because of all the fun I had today.  (Goldfish are a staple in my pantry.)  We ran errands, shopped, laughed and had a super fun morning.  I could get used to this routine.
Meet my cat nephew Harry.  He's lovey and requires a lot of attention just like Topher.  He has learned to fetch his cat toys; a skill that I'd love for my cats to learn!
Had fun watching a movie with this wiggle worm.  I was his personal jungle gym and I very much enjoyed the snuggle time.
My sis always bakes for me... yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  Easy on the icing just like I like it.  I think I had 4 cupcakes throughout the day!  I can't turn down a cupcake!
Allie woke up from her nap and sniffed out these yummy treats.  She was reaching for them so she could get her very own cupcake.  Smart girl!

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