Monday, June 17, 2024

Lifetime Playset

I have wanted a playset for our backyard sinced we moved in two years ago, but they're expensive and a huge project to build.  We had a wooden playset at our last house and I was hoping this metal one would be easier to assemble.  

I was WRONG.  The online reviews said it would take 2 people around 8 hours to build.  That was also WRONG.  It took Kevin and my Dad and a little help from me and my mom an entire week of working on it for good chunks of time.  It probably took us 24 solid hours with a team to build.  They may never let me live this project down, BUT the kids love it and I think we're all happy to get to enjoy it now that the assembly part is out of the way.

We started on a chilly Saturday in May and finished the following Saturday.

Some serious eye rolls and WHITNEY comments were made when they saw the table full of hardware that needed to be organized.


There is a city map on floorboard of the tower and Leo loves driving his cars up there.  Then he sends his cars down the slide for some extra fun.

Sweet memories.

100% worth all the hard work.  The kids play on the playset every single day.

We found this set on sale at Sams in April.  It's a beast to assemble, but we've been really happy with it so far.  And Kevin says I was right - the kids love it - but it was a tough project even for guys who are familiar with building and assembling.


  1. It looks awesome! Sorry it was such a hard project - and glad your kids love it!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a tough project. Your dad is such a handyman, so I know it must have been hard if he thought so. I'm hoping there are lots of great memories to make up for it!

  3. It looks like so much fun and sturdy compared to some that looks very cheap that your afraid your kid is going to break it.

  4. We did the same thing when our kids were little with a Costco playset! (I think the roof had individual shingles!) But it lived a long and very happy life! Glad they survived the project and now the kids are having lots of fun!


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