Friday, June 21, 2024

Friday Five

Happy Friday, Friends!  It's been BUSY overe here so I am doing a quick Friday 5 post today.  

Five highlights from our week and a lot of blog catch up work coming soon!

1. Florida Fun.  We just got back from the best trip to Naples, FL.  It's one of our favorite places.  The weather was rainier than usual (record breaking rain the first two days!) BUT we got to swim every day, tried some new things, hit our favorite spots and enjoyed a week of extra family time.

2. My pots of flowers are bursting with blooms!  I learned the best tip recently.  If you are leaving on a trip and having someone water plants for you (thanks, Dad!), move your full sun plants out of the full sun for the week.  I pulled all my patio pots into a line right up against our house.  They still got sun, but weren't being roasted when I wasn't home to water them daily.

I am really proud because I planted these from seeds and I can't wait for them to bloom!  Kristen, Your Zinnia seeds seem so happy here!  Along with some wildflowers.

3. Surprise centerpiece.  We hosted some friends for dinner this week and Kevin surprised me with fresh flowers for the table.  He knows the table looks nice with a small bouquet and he guessed red flowers since I tend to do red, white and blue all Summer long.  I asked him how he knew that I hadn't already bought flowers for the table.  He said that since I did grocery pick up for the meal, he knew I wouldn't order flowers for the table that way.  He was right.  And so thoughtful!  It helped pull together a perfectly pretty table.

4. It's good to be home!  Any time Leo sees something with writing on it, he says "This says Leo on it!" claiming it as his.  These binoculars had a product label on them and he was sure that it said LEO marking them his.

Our Midwest sunsets have been extra pretty this week!

5. Bucee's Banana Pudding.  We visited Bucees a couple of times on our trip to Florida and I'm here to tell you: Get the Banana Pudding for dessert after you finish a pulled pork sandwich.  They're both delicious.  And you won't find a cleaner bathroom and gas stop.  It's not the easiest or fastest stop to navigate with all the people, but it's an iconic travel must do if you're heading anywhere in the South.

Happy weekend!  I hope you have a fabulous one.  See you back here next week!


  1. Yayyyyyy, your zinnias!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahh! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!! We just got back from Naples the first week of June!! I had enjoyed looking at all your previous Naples post for ideas and recs! It was GORGEOUS down there!!


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