Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday Favorites

Life feels a bit complicated and weird (I got reprimanded for buying 3 hand sanitizers instead of the allowed 2 while grocery shopping in a mask this week).  Errands, shopping and being out in public still feel so strange.  I'm eager for more normalcy to our routines.  Things in Indiana are cautiously opening back up and every week we are getting some familiar things back into our rotation.

We've been having a really good time together and I've got lots of favorites to share with you.

My parents came in town for a quick visit!
Everyone loved seeing them and the weather was gorgeous.  This is my new favorite picture of my parents and the kids.

Mention a leak in the roof and the next thing you know my dad is on the roof to fix it.

Leo was chatting with Mimi.  He has lots to say these days.

 Leo slept through the night!  Hooray to all of us!  Sleep is our favorite.

Handsome Fletcher and his poor arm.  I'm glad it's healing, but I feel so sad every time I see all of his puncture wounds, bruises and scars.  He's a tough guy.

Mini Drums.  Our new favorite treat.  They're tiny Drumsticks.  They are a Summer staple here.

I planted this lavender last year and it didn't do much.  Then this year it EXPLODED.  I smile every time I walk past it.  This is Olive's favorite scent so I often find her taking a big whiff of it.

Lots of slow mornings in our pjs has been a favorite this month.

Leo had his 2 month check up.  He's a hefty 13.2lbs and doing great!  He's such a sweet baby.

We've been calling him Squishy because he's so squishable.

We got to head back to our favorite spot in town - the patio at the country club.  We made reservations, ate out on the patio and had a wonderful night out.  We haven't eaten at at restaurant since early March (like many of you) so this felt so good.  Olive kept saying she loved the view - ha!  It was a beautiful night and it felt so good!  Fletch isn't cleared for swimming just yet.  Hopefully he'll be ready soon.

We walked some of the course.  It was so fun to hear the kids talk about golf and be eager to learn.  Kevin would love that since it's his favorite sport.  I'd love to cheer them on!

Summer sunshine!!

Remember earlier this week when I talked about our positive pom pom jars??  Both kids filled up their jars this week and got to pick something special to do.  They couldn't wait to dump their jar and start filling it again.  Fletcher has been asking to dress himself lately.  It's his favorite!

We're ending the week with loads of smiles and happy memories!  Thankful for this crew.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm right there with you - it's still so weird at times! I'm glad that most of our stores have taken out the one way signs on the aisles. They were hard to navigate and the rule follower in me was stressed the whole time that I'd go the wrong way. Ha! I'm glad that Fletcher is still doing ok, poor guy - I'm still praying for him and will pray that it doesn't keep him from enjoying too much summer fun. So glad your parents got to visit, and I love that picture of them with the kids too! So sweet!!

  2. Awww, sounds like there are lots of great things to celebrate and be joyful about in your home. Aren't dads just the best?! I mentioned to my dad that there were stink bugs in our fireplace again (sometimes they get out into the family room and they really creep me out because they fly) and he came over and came up with a plan to get rid of them. We had them last year too and the pest control people couldn't do anything about them - but Dad to the rescue - he came and lit a big, hot fire in our fireplace and burned them all up (we never use out fireplace...I'm too scared of it). Your kids are all so cute!


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