Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Living that Vest Life

I'm loving vests this time of year.

They're warm, add some interest to an outfit and aren't as bulky as a jacket.

I have a favorite utility vest, polka-dot vest, sweater vest and a furry vest that have all been on rotation lately.  I thought I'd show you how I style them to give you some vest inspiration for the holidays.

Are you a fan of vests??  What do you pair them with??

This vest was a major score from Sams last year.  It was under $20 and came in several colors.

flannel - Walmart (NEW $12!!)
vest - Sams last year
jeans - Old Navy Rockstar Midrise (NEW)
booties - Meijer

This outfit has been my uniform all winter.
It's a winning combo that I feel great in:
Button down + utility vest + Jeggings + booties (and usually a scarf!)

This vest came from Kohls last year

chambray - Old Navy
vest - Kohls
olive pants - Walmart (NEW $11!!)
clogs - BORN

A recent TJ Maxx find!!  Head to your stores to see if you can find it.

vest - TJ MAXX (NEW)
dress - Old Navy
clogs - Born
watch - Timex (NEW)
earrings - Kate Spade studs

An Old Navy vest from a couple of years ago that I had monogrammed.

peplum - GAP factory
scarf - TJ Maxx
vest - Old Navy
jeggings - Old Navy
booties - Lucky

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  1. I love vest! I have that same utility vest and I wear it all the time!

  2. Love the vests and your title made me smile :) so catchy and cute!!!! Its too cold now to wear a vest without a jacket around here. I love fall for that reason!

  3. I love wearing them when I go shopping and it's cold out. That way I don't have a lug a coat around and be hot while shopping. I have a green puffy vest I love. I have a St. Louis Cardinals vest and a Notre Dame one as well.

  4. You are so stylish, my cute friend! I have the utility vest as well but I always forget to pull it out. I will do that today! Such cute outfits, you are really good at layering different pieces. Thanks for doing a what I wore Wednesday post!

  5. Adorable! I was just thinking I need another vest! I'm debating a different color utility or a black quilted one!

  6. Loving this post,Whitney. Your outfit posts are some of my very favorites!

  7. Love your furry vest! Paul teases me because I'm always wearing vests, but they are the perfect layer for our not super cold weather. Love how you've styled all of yours!

  8. Love all the vest looks! I love my utility vest! I am going to try to find that plaid shirt at Walmart!


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