Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Brunching with Santa & His Reindeer

We had our annual Santa brunch at the country club on Sunday and it was our best one yet. 

The kids were excited and we all had a fun time.  It wasn't perfect... Olive ran away from Santa the first time through the line so we had to go back a second time.  She'd only go near him if I agreed to hold her hand.  No professional photographer this year so our pictures aren't as good.  But, we got to spend the morning with friends eating delicious brunchy food and getting excited for Christmas.

The live reindeer are always a big hit.  These were baby reindeer at 8 months old.

 Fletcher got a little close and ended up spooking the reindeer.  Their owner was reminding kids not to touch the reindeer or they'd lose some of their Christmas magic.

Santa & Fletcher trying to convince Olive to come over and talk.

Silly Santa has a tickly beard

The chef worked on a special Christmas surprise.  This giant gingerbread house was so cool!  It smelled amazing and the kids could go inside.  It was really impressive.

 Cookie decorating station.

Santa round 2.  Fletcher happily hung out on his lap and Olive was chatty.  She told Santa her Christmas wish list and what Fletcher wanted, too.

Santa Brunch 2016

Santa Brunch 2015

Have you taken your kids to see Santa yet??


  1. So much fun - what a great adventure :) xoxo ERIN

  2. What a exciting way to mingle with Santa and his reindeer. I wish we had something similar here but I have had the worst luck finding community activities.

  3. Such a sweet time fried. I just love the throwback photos at the end and that BIG gingerbread house. I can't even believe it was real!!! Looks like such a fun time.


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