Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Save or Splurge on Name Brands??

Do you like to save or splurge on name brands??

I like to do both - save AND splurge on name brands.

TJ Maxx is where I have the best luck finding great deals on new items.  Let me show you how I recently saved big bucks on things for the kids at TJ Maxx.  I picked all of these items up in the same shopping trip.  It seems like my TJ super stocks the kids section so it's either full of great things or empty.  So if I notice the section looking really well stocked I get excited to dig through to find deals.  I used to hate that about TJ, but now I kind of think of shopping there like an opportunity to hunt down deals.

I love this brand and was excited to find these reusable pouches for $4.99 instead of $10

I am a huge shopper of the toy section at TJ.  They've always got Melissa & Doug things for a great discount.  I picked up some Play-Doh things this trip and got this cute ice cream treat set for $6.99 instead of $8.

Aden and Anais anything is pricey.  So I was THRILLED to find this set of bibs for Fletcher.  They're just as soft as the muslin swaddle blankets so I knew they would be great bibs.  I paid $12 instead of $20.

This quilted coat will be darling for Fletcher for Fall.  It's Quiltes brand and I paid $12.99 instead of $44!!

Carters 3 piece dino set was $12.99 instead of $32.

Cute Children's Place outfits for Olive were both $9.99 each instead of $17.00 each.

Another cute Carter's 3 piece set for $8.99 instead of $12

It amazes me how expensive holiday pjs are so I was excited to pick these up for Olive for only $9.99

Carters socks were only $4-5 instead of $10 and the Little Me shoes were $9.99 instead of $15.  I love the Little Me brand and know that it's a nicer brand that Dillards often carries.

Are there certain brands you shop for at TJ or do you just hunt for great deals on any brands?  I always scope out higher end shoes, bags, art work, decor and kid's items.

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  1. I used to find TONS of stuff for my kiddos at TJ when they were younger. I should take another look next time we need some stuff.

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of TJ Maxx for kiddos. We have one within a 2 minute drive of our house and it's the first store I go to if I need something for my daughter--socks, outfit, etc... They're so much cheaper than the pricier brands and their return policy is great too! Thanks for sharing and for hosting this week, Whitney! Have a great Tuesday :)

  3. These are some great finds! I love TJ Maxx for sure and have often found some great things. I need to start finding deals and putting things up for Jack's upcoming birthday and then boom it is Christmas. I love the Halloween outfit you found Olive. I love holiday clothes for kids.

  4. I loved TJMaxx when my littles were "little," I don't find as much for them, there, anymore. However I always look there for baby gifts and Christmas gifts. Their prices just make me happy! I am very impressed with all your finds!

  5. Great finds! I think that TJ Maxx is hit or miss. But when it's good...it's good!!!!

  6. I love TJ Maxx!!! I usually just look for any good deals. My favorite thing to buy is the kids books there. We usually pick up at least one new book everytime we go if not more!

  7. Great finds! I just love TJ Maxx. I need to get there more, especially with the holidays coming up!

  8. TJMaxx is the beeeessst for kiddo gear. I remember after Lawter was born seeing so much that I had registered for (and received) and feeling so guilty at what I know my family and friends paid for the same things that were such great prices there. Melissa and Doug toys, aden products, books, I've seen lots of soft Burt's Bees items in there lately, feeding items, random things like baby car mirrors- it's my favorite place to score greta finds!

  9. So I am on the lookout for a green, blue and white scarf and I never think to check TJ Maxx out but thanks to your deals and steals, I'm going to swing by there tomorrow while C is in school.

  10. These are all such great deals Whitney! I Especially love the Skip hop lunch bags and the Halloween jammies! TJ is definitely one of my happy places! :)

  11. I never go to TJ Max. I never shop anymore. So I search deals online and then just order. But I love those steals, those burp cloths and those PJs.

  12. I've only been shopping at TJ Maxx a couple of times. It's not really my kind of store. That dinosaur outfit is super cute.

  13. Oh my gosh, those little shoes are too adorable!


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