Monday, March 28, 2016

Recipe Round Up: March

 I'm excited to share my best recipes with you from this month.  I worked really hard this month to plan delicious meals for dinner, eat leftovers for lunch and to try a mix of old & new recipes.  It was success and we ate well all month.  We ended up getting more take out than usual this month because I found myself really dragging in the evenings being so late in my pregnancy.  

I picked my very favorite recipes to share with you today.  I try to cook dinner 4 nights a week and then pick a few of my best recipes from the month to photograph and share with you.

Hope you find a new recipe or two you'd like to add to your menu:

Irish Stew
I look forward to making an Irish feast every year for St. Patrick's Day and this year I was determined to find a good stew recipe.  I looked on Pinterest and ended up taking ideas from lots of places to come up with a recipe of my own.  It was so yummy!!

1 loop of your favorite sausage
6-8 pieces of bacon cut up in one inch pieces
6 potatoes
4 big carrots
2 yellow onions
3 green onions
6 basil leaves
1 pkg french onion soup mix
2 c water
salt and pepper

Cook the meats separately until browned.
Toss everything else in a stew pot and let cook together for at least 30 minutes.  I chopped all the veggies into large bite sized pieces.  I left the peeling on the potatoes.  At the very end add in the cooked meat and the green onions right before you serve the stew.
I served my stew with a spinach strawberry salad, rainbow jello and homemade brown bread.

Kevin said it was our best St. Patrick's Day Feast so I'll definitely be making this again.  The stew serves 6-8 people and is really easy to throw together.

Layered Taco Dip
I posted my recipe here and basically layered every mexican ingredient I could find in my fridge to come up with a delicious conconction for watching the NCAA tournament.

BBQ Pork Loaded Baked Potatoes
My husband was out of town for several days this month so I planned one of my favorite (his least favorite) dinners to eat while he was gone.  I baked several potatoes, bought Jack Daniels premade BBQ and got all the toppings ready - sharp cheddar, butter, bbq sauce, green onions, sour cream & salt/pepper.  It was an easy dinner that I enjoyed several times this month!

Blueberry Muffin Pancakes
The fluffiest, yummiest pancakes made from scratch.
They are so delicious and really easy to make.
My whole family loves them and we have them for dinner regularly.
They also freeze really well so I make a big batch for dinner and freeze the leftovers in individual sized portions to thaw out for an easy breakfast during the week.

Our favorite cut of steak is Ribeyes.
I marinate them, Kevin grills them and then I fix the sides.
We had sweet potato fries, a BIG salad packed with veggies and mac & cheese.
I make the patties with a sprinkle of Season Salt, Freddy's Steak Burger Seasoning and Worcestershire sauce.  Kevin grills and I make the sides.  We are loving tator tots, crunchy veggies or a fruit and then another warm side.

I have a few easy sides to share with you this month:
These are frozen Bisquick biscuits.
They are less than $4 for a bag of 20 biscuits.
They're delicious, require no thawing and cook in about 20 minutes.

Sweet Kale salad kit from Sams
It's less than $3 a bag and easily has 4 servings in it.
The dressing is delicious and it comes with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.  We ate it with dinner, but I bet it would make a delicious lunch option, too.  Maybe with some grilled chicken??

Favorite Treats of the Month:
Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

Chunky Monkey Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundaes
I just make my favorite chocolate chip cookies, top it with 1/2 fat vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate syrup and mini m&ms for a really tasty treat.

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Be sure to check it out and get some great ideas for meals at your house.


  1. SO many yummy things!! We've had that kale salad before and it's so yummy and satisfying. And cinnamon rolls - I wish those were acceptable to eat on a daily basis. Yum!!

  2. Everything looks scrumptious! My hubby would love that Irish Stew, and BBQ baked potatoes are also something I make just for me. Your taco dip will be happening at my house soon. Yum!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  3. Oh it looks so wonderful! BBQ bakes potatoes are one of my favorites. I've been in such a cooking rut lately that you always motivate me. I hope you are freezing lots of food for when baby Fletcher makes his arrival. Getting so close!

  4. Oh man I am trying those pancakes pronto! We made some more Chunky Monkey bars last night. SO good!

  5. Everything looks so good! I am definitely going to be trying these recipes. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  6. I am going to add your stew to our menu!! I love the idea of throwing something together in a pot/crock pot and allowing it to cook while I do something else around the house.


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