Thursday, March 17, 2016

Oh Olive 2.5

Olive is quickly approaching her 3rd birthday and her personality is coming through more and more.  She's talking up a storm, singing, twirling and loving being such a big girl.  I keep a running list on my phone of funny things that happen or things she says so I wanted to be sure and document them before her next birthday.  I hadn't stopped to write an Oh Olive post since October so I have some catching up to do!  She definitely keeps us on our toes and makes us smile everyday.

It's raining leaves Mama! as leaves were falling all around our car

open wipe = open wide
accent = accident
noculars = binoculars
oga bars = granola bars
lection = collection
strustrated = frustrated
appointed = disappointed
cancakes = pancakes
toy sauce = soy sauce
crashtan = trash can
tush stash = mustache
cover me in = cover me up
hold you mama = hold me mama
balla-ka-rina = ballerina

Dat mells horrible! when I was changing her diaper

Mama you're my hero!
Mama you're my best buddy ever! when I was rocking her to sleep

Olive was busy refusing to take a nap one afternoon and wanted to watch TV in our bedroom.  I had turned her cartoons off and said it was time to go to her room.  She plopped herself down in the middle of our bed, picked up the remote and started pressing buttons.  She was yelling COME ON TB trying to get the TV to magically turn back on to her cartoons.

This will help me grow Mama is what she says anytime she want something to eat or more of something she really loves.

She's learned our names: Kev & Whit-en-ney

All time is 2 hours - see you in 2 hours, go to work for 2 hours, nap for 2 hours, etc.

I'm not sure where she picked this one up at, but she's convinced that everything is $100.  So when we go to check out she'll say that each item costs $100

Rock me a little minute is what she says when she wants to snuggle a little longer before going to her bed.

Mama, listen to me! is what she says when she really wants my attention.

We were having dinner and she was refusing to stay seated.  We kept asking her to sit down and then made her.  She started crying and said, My family is not listening to me.  Such toddler dramatics

I am whiskering Mama! is what she shouted out in a quiet church service we were visiting when I reminded her it was time to WHISPER.

My mouth feels terrible! is how she described how she was feeling when she was sick.

You are berry welcome.

Olive your nose is red from all your sneezing and nose blowing.  No Mama, Olive's nose is white.

People are always eager to talk to her in the grocery store and one day a man tried to get her to talk.  She snuggled into me and said I feeling shy mama.  I don't want to be shy.

There are BALLS in my rice!!  was her reaction to finding peas in her fried rice.

Mama I hab da sniffles.  I so sick.

Oh shucks!
My fan is broken.
I don't want it anymore.
Thank you though.

This is the best _________ ever!!  bananas, pizza, lemonade, etc.

Here you go mama! as she happily hands me a booger.

We were checking into the doctor's office and I said we were there for Olive's appointment.  Olive told the receptionist I Olive Jordan and dis is Mama Jordan.

When she finishes doing a task or collecting items she says CHECK.  Fork - check, napkin - check.  I guess my list making skills are rubbing off on her.

Dis is my family is what she says when we are meeting new people.

I brought her a sippy cup of milk and she said, Good job Mama!  I so proud of you!

Hold my hand mama is what she says to me as we're driving

I do it self.
I hab a question.
I hab an idea.
I love you so much.

She thinks the refrigerator ledge is a stage and breaks out in song anytime the refrigerator door is open.  Her current set list includes: Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, You are My Sunshine, Sugar, Gonna & the Notre Dame fight song.  She sings, takes a bow and then wants you to clap for her.

Lots of adjectives: precious, delicious, so pretty and comparing everything (smaller, bigger, taller, higher, etc)

hummus, green & black olives, carrots, cucumbers, apples, nectarines, lemonade, soft serve, pretzels
play dates with friends
bounce houses
books: Go Dog Go, Are You My Mother, Pout Pout Fish
Sheriff Callie cartoon
eating with a fork or a sppon
my makeup
sleeping with a bed full of stuffed animals
bath time
rain boots
puzzles, digging in the dirt, 

FAVORITE PICTURES from the last few months:


  1. she is so cute! I love her makeup/lipstick face :) I love how little people talk. My Harper say "past-eeee" for pizza. Which doesn't even sound the same, but I hope that never goes away!

  2. Olive's pigtails are perfection!! :) and I love how she said she is "whiskering!!" Ha! :)

  3. She is such a CUTIE!!! You will be so glad you wrote all these little phrases down... I love the little mispronunciations!!!!!

  4. This post cracked me UP! And I totally want to call ballerinas balla-ka-rinas from now on!

  5. Oh goodness she is so sweet. My favorite are the mispronunciations. Marissa said "I'm really firsty (thirsty) forever. It pained me when I finally decided I had to start correcting her, sigh. I let it go as long as I could. Olive is just the sweetest. She'll make a great big sister.

  6. Precious! She is a little talker. I can't believe all the things that little gal can say. It sounds like y'all get very entertained. I always love these posts. Toddlers really are so funny. It will be interesting to see what type of personality Fletcher has.

  7. So cute! Peyton says everything starts at 5 o'clock. "What time did you get up?" 5. What time are you going to work? 5. What time is it? 5. I love the toddler talk; it's fun trying to figure out what they're saying.

  8. She is Miss Personality. I enjoy all her words and expressions! Wait till baby #2 arrives, the funny things they say then. You'll need to write a book. Thanks for making me smile today by linking precious girl at my party.

  9. Loved today's post and ALL the pictures you posted...Your posts are always filled with so many enjoyable tid bits..You are very talented Whitney.So happy to keep up with Olive and all the cute things she says and does...

  10. This age is oh so fun! I think she and Wes would get along so well :)


  11. Aw she's so cute and it's always precious once they start talking more and their personality starts coming through. It goes by so quick, enjoy every sweet moment! :)

  12. Love love love these posts and your sweet little girlie! What a doll she is!

  13. So cute!!! Olive is definitely not without personality. :) I love her little pigtails!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  14. Mama Jordan, lol. I love her pigtails!


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