Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Joy Bombs

I first heard about this idea of Joy Bombs from Kelly at Kelly's Korner.  She mentioned the idea in a post a few weeks ago from a Bible Study she was doing called Fight Back with Joy.  It has stuck with me ever since and really think about the joyful things in my life.  What brings me joy?  Am I making time in my days to do the things that I really enjoy or that bring me joy?  What do I really enjoy?  Where does my joy come from?  How can I find joy even when things don't go as planned?

I realize not every day is going to be all sunshine and roses so I have to be intentional about my time and focus on where my hope and joy come from.  Sometimes it's from obvious things and other times I have to try harder to seek it out.  Not every day is going to be wonderful, but there are plenty of wonderful moments in your days if you stop to notice them.

My list of JOY bombs for right now would be:
1. Stopping by Kevin's office during the week.  We sometimes bring him a surprise treat, just stop in for a quick hug and kiss or pick him up for a quick coffee date in the middle of the day.

2. Talking to Olive - she's talking so much lately that it's really fun to just chat with her.  Hearing her little voice on the monitor in the morning saying Good morning Mama as my signal to come in and get her.

3. Being Olive's first teacher and seeing her learn from the activities we are doing together.  She's memorizing portions of books, learning songs, grasping new concepts and enjoying soaking up everything I teach her.  She's like the model little preschooler and it makes me so proud to get to work with her.

4. Sending and receiving snail mail / care packages.  I work on this at nap time or at night and have Olive help color the box or envelopes later.

5. Blogging - connecting with friends, documenting my family and sharing our life.

6. Crunching through the leaves and having to wear a jacket

7. Baking, trying new recipes and sharing treats with other people

8. Having things on the calendar to look forward to - visitors, weekend trips, holidays, etc.  I love planning out the details of those events.

9. Getting soft pretzels and strolling through Sams with Olive.  We eat, chat and enjoy the errand.  Although, now she thinks all stores should have pretzels and I kind of agree.

10. Pillow talk - I first heard this phrase coined by George W Bush and he said that he and Laura enjoyed pillow talk at night.  The phrase stuck with us and we use it often.  We've been making an effort to go to bed a little earlier, to put our phones away and just to chat about our days before we go to bed.  It's fun to catch up on things and hear about the big & little things that are on our radars.

11. Starting the process of finding a home in our new city.  We've gone on Sunday afternoon drives for several Sundays in a row to scope out neighborhoods, homes for sale and areas of the city.  It's fun to picture our family settling into one of these areas and I pray we can find the perfect house.

12. My hair has finally grown out enough to have lots of long layers, can easily go into a pony tail or top knot and I love it.  It's nice to finally love my haircut four months after the fact :)

What brings you JOY right now?
How do you make sure to make time for those activities in your life?
I'd love to hear your tips!

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  1. JOY bombs ... I like that! My "joy bombs" are shared every Friday on my Thankful Friday post. Today's joy bomb is I get to take my grandson to school with me! Enjoy your Tuesday bombs...

  2. I will walk out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf, haha.

  3. What a fantastic concept. I need to start looking for JOY BOMBS!

  4. What a fun Idea! I definitely need to focus on Joy bombs!!!

  5. Joy Bombs were the center of our devotional at MOPS this morning and I jotted down "blog idea - what's my joy bomb look like?". I love your list and that you find joy is the small and big things that life has to offer.

  6. Love this post Whitney. It is so great to talk about the things in life that bring you happiness. I may have to steal this post idea sometime.

  7. I love this! Every night before bed Olivia and I talk about all the wonderful things that happened and then say "wasn't it a good day?" I want her to learn to focus on the great things, no matter how small.

  8. Such a great post and a wonderful way to always be mindful of the joy that is "bombing" your everyday life!

  9. My friend is hosting that same Bible study and she puts #joybombs on social media! :)

  10. So NOT what I thought Joy Bombs were! I was expecting you to describe things that bomb away your joy. What a delightful, sweet post! Another reminder that we need to seek out and share joy!

  11. I love this idea and it is something I've never heard of. Today my joy bomb is getting to pick my son up from daycare (it's usually something my mom has to do).


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