Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Art

You'll need the following supplies:
white crayons
white paper

We did this in two days.
I had the kids draw a snowy scene filled with snowmen and all things wintery.
They had to use ONLY their white crayon on white paper.
They could hold their paper up to the light to see where they had drawn.
I told them that our project would take two days
and they were very skeptical about my plan.

We pulled out the water colors and determined that winter colors were blues and purples.
So I told them that they were going to wash over their drawing with watercolors
to reveal their wintery scene.
I wish I could have recorded their reactions because they were
when the picture that they'd imagined in their mind turned out.
They were smiling from ear to ear and were showing off their secret picture.
 Clean up with really easy.
We just used Clorox wipes to wipe off their desks.

The paintings had to dry for an hour or so
and then I laid heavy books on top so that they dried flat.
 I hung them on a clothesline in the back of my classroom.
 My students thought I was magic after this fun art project!

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