Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Costco Photo Lab

I'm a new fan of Costco having only been a member since August.
It was a little nerve wracking to use their photo service 
for my Christmas cards this year because it was a little different.
I did it all on-line and was pleased with the results.

They were VERY affordable and good quality.
I loved the saying, colors on the card and large picture.
I was bummed that I couldn't find an adorable card for 2 pictures.
 So I had to improvise a bit...
I browsed Costco's website and made an amazing discovery
I had a cute Instagram picture of my favorite cats that worked perfectly.
Added a few words and then stuck it on my card.
I felt like a bad cat mom when I selected a card sans my cats
so it was a relief to find an easy, affordable way to include them.
 Costco was also doing a fun deal where you got free calendars with your card purchase.
I'm going to give some out to family and keep some for our offices.
 I'm looking forward to using Costco again soon!

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