Friday, September 18, 2020

Aldi Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  Hope you've had a nice week.  

I did something I haven't done since February... I went to Aldi this week!  We are still be careful about taking the kids in stores to shop since Leo is so little and that makes shopping tricky.  Before all of this COVID business, I took the kids everywhere with me.  Now I've got to time my errands and grocery runs when Kevin can be home with the kids.  Otherwise, it's Walmart grocery pick up for the win.

I'd been missing some of our favorite Aldi products so Wednesday evening I headed to our Aldi after dinner.  It felt good to be back in the store.  I shopped quickly because the store was not crowded at that hour and then I snapped pictures of our very favorite Aldi items.  I waited to bag my items when I got back out to my car.  It worked well to keep my shopping trip short.  

We would highly recommend all of these.

$1.75 Apple Peach Pouches - they're delish.  The perfect on the go snack.  My kids think they're okay, but I love them!  I love to keep one with me for an easy snack on the go.

$2.29 Mini Sandwich Crackers.  Kids love them.
$2.49 Twisted Fruit Ropes - we all love these.
$2.65 - Aged White Cheddar.  Our #1 favorite cheese.  It's SO good.
$1.19 Canned Cinnamon Rolls.  These are the best cinnamon rolls in a can ever.  You just cannot beat that price and they taste amazing.
$3.19 Kale & Quinoa Frozen Mix.  This is so good as a side with dinner, topped with feta, or served with grilled chicken on top.  I love it.
$0.75 Rotini - can't beat their pasta prices.
$2.19 Granola.  I've tried a lot of granola and this is the best.  It's something kids and adults would love.

$3.99 Bite sized Salami - thicker and so good.  Any of the Appleton Farms meat we've tried is yummy.

$3.45 Sea Salt Caramels.  These are amazing.  They also make the perfect little gift to surprise someone with.  I picked these up to save for a friend or teacher gift.

I love Aldi baking supplies.

$1.15 Flour, $1.97 Sugar & $1.29 Brown sugar

$2.76 Mini cans of Sprite.  Not something I buy regularly so I figured the mini cans would be good for us.

So many good chip and cracker options!

$2.89 Ritz chips, $1.99 Gluten free chips and $1.99 Pretzel slims

$3.99 Play-Doh Builder Sets

I love all the random stuff you can find in the "aisles of shame" haha.  I picked up two of these igloo builder sets to save for winter.  I know it'll be cold and snowing before we know it and my kids will be thrilled to have this fun surprise on a snow day at home.

$1.69 Butter Popcorn - we have tried a lot of microwave popcorn and this is the best.  It's buttery without being super greasy.  It definitely feels like a treat and has lots of yellow pieces (the sign of a really good bowl of popcorn according to my kids :)

That's a wrap!  Do we have any of the same Aldi favorites?  What products am I missing out on?  Please share your Aldi favorites with me in the comments.

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  1. I love all the cheeses from Aldi and Trader Joe's!

  2. I haven't shopped in Aldi all summer either (it wasn't worth the hassle) and really needed to stock up on some of my favorites too! I did my very first Instacart order with them and was pretty happy with it! I love their pre-made salads, baking staples, canned goods and frozen veggies!

  3. Their Specialty Mariana Sauce is the best jarred sauce!

  4. And now I want to make a run to Aldi! :)


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